Monday, March 18, 2013

We made it to Indonesia

We arrived in Bali on Saturday, March 16 and it's been a nice change of scenery.

We're at a lovely homestay called the Pondok Frog Guest House for the first 3 nights in Ubud, the town made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. We've seen a lot of single women here probably looking for their own Javier Bardem.

Paul has to duck into all the doors here

On our way to Ubud from the airport, our driver brought us to Teba Sari, where they make coffee, tea, and chocolate. We got a tour and some free tastings.

We passed by some rice fields that were being harvested

This is cocoa that they make chocolate from

This is a luwak - he helps make coffee

Beans are roasted in a wood fire for an hour

Tasting...our favorite was the lemongrass tea and the ginseng coffee

We walked around town after checking in.

Lots of scooters here

We also saw this HUGE spider...check out the bird flying behind it

We also checked out the Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Where there are literally gangs of monkeys hanging out
I didn't want to get too close

We think this one was checking the other's oil

It definitely had an Indian Jones feel to it

After this picture a monkey tried to grab my camera case!

Tons of statues for Paul to abuse

It was hot and muggy

Kimodo dragon statue 

After dinner, we headed to the temple to watch various cultural dances.

Bale Banjar Ubud Kelod

The Barong - an ancient mythical creature

Sisya Dance depicting a group of young girls practicing black magic

More Sisya Dance

Close up shot

Playing music while they dance

This is the instrument they use to play the music

End of the dance

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