Friday, March 29, 2013


We arrived in Singapore on March 26. Had a lot of laundry and errands to run so it was a pretty quiet day.

One more stamp!

But on March 27, we ventured out and even took the easy to use MRT (subway).

Super clean subway station! 

Easy to understand arrows so riders getting on let people off first

What? No smelly homeless guy taking up a whole row? 

We first headed to Orchard Street and landed at the Ion Center - which is a gigantic mall. And good thing we did because it started pouring. We had shelter, AC and entertainment for a couple hours.

Entrance to the Ion Center and MRT

After the rain stopped, we headed to Sentosa (which you get to through another mall called Vivo). Sentosa is home to the Merlion. What is a Merlion you ask? Legend says that when Prince Sang Nila Utama first landed on the island, he saw a lion. Taking it as a good omen, the prince named the city Singapura - Lion (Singa) City (Pura). The fishtail of the Merlion symbolizes Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village.

Yes! We got a picture with the infamous Merlion!

Baby Merlion

Being harassed by Paul

We then took a cable car to Mount Faber, the highest natural point in Singapore for some great views of the city.

Taking the cable car

View of Singapore from the cable car (going up)

View from Faber Bistro

When two people come together to ring the Bell of Happiness, it signifies an ever blossoming romance, while the echoes that follow are blessings to the couple for everlasting happiness.

Bell of Happiness

We're already very happy and feel so blessed but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ring the bell!

View of the harbour (going down the cable car) - see all the cargo ships?

After dinner, we walked around Little India.

Lots of shops in Little India

Busy street in Little India


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