Monday, March 25, 2013

Lombok: Senggigi

On March 20 we arrived on the island of Lombok and stayed in Senggigi. To save some money, we decided to book a home stay which basically means we stay with a family. And for 15USD a night, why not, right? We figured nothing could be worse than the Funk House!

Courtyard of Ressa Homestay

Not a bad room for 15USD

Latest model of the flush-o-matic 5000 - with non slip footpads for those tough squats!

After getting settled in, we walk around the surrounding area to get our bearings.

Fruit stand

Look how big Paul is next to the horse carriage

Our host at Ressa Homestay mentioned a temple near the beach that we should see called Batu Bolong. He said that there is a rock underneath the temple that has a natural hole which is what gives the temple its name -- batu bolong literally means "rock with hole." So on March 21, we went looking for it. There is no fee to enter the temples but donations are recommended. 

Before entering Batu Bolong

Instead of a sarong, we had to wear these traditional sashes - let the Kumite begin!

Panoramic view of the Bali Sea

Batu Bolong literally means "rock with hole"

View of Gunung (Mount) Agung

Entering the temple

Close up of statue

Locals fishing

Our heads are blocking Gunung Agung

It's sad to see all the trash washed up on the beach

In front of the "rock with hole"

After taking pictures at Batu Bolong, we had to find a bemo (taxi) to town. Our host had said not to pay over 3,000 Rupiahs per person so when we saw a bemo, we asked how much for a ride to town...they said 10,000 Rupiahs! We weren't going to pay that much so said, "no thank you" which prompted them to say, "OK, how much?" We said 5,000 - which they agreed to. 

Inside the bemo - I love the look that the little girl is giving Paul

Paul paying for our ride

We spent the rest of the day walking around town and exploring. We found Senggigi Beach and a hotel where we were able to watch the sunset.

Boats galore along Senggigi Beach

I wanted to get my feet wet in the Bali Sea


We sat at the bar to avoid the afternoon thunderstorm

And stayed long enough to watch this beautiful sunset

Local kids walking along the beach

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