Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More of Melbourne

On March 6 we continued to explore Melbourne and booked a couple more tours for the rest of our stay (we were in Melbourne for 6 nights). It was a really hot day so we tried to take it easy. We did make it to Flinders Street Train Station, Federation Square, and walked along the Yarra River. The folks we talked to said to "get lost in the lanes" and explore the different restaurants and bars. We didn't seem to find too many secret gems hidden in the lanes we came across on this day. We did attempt it one more time...more on that later.

Flinders Street Station
Getting lost in one of the lanes

More lane exploration

This cathedral was very nice - I think this is the second St. Paul's that we've come across

A different perspective of St. Paul's

Look how deep the red is on this door

Here's a full frontal view of St. Paul's Cathedral from Federation Square

Paul winding up for this innocent photo hound

For the big hit

Walking along the Yarra River at the Federation Wharf
Yarra River with the Arts Center (the pointy thing to the left) in the background

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