Meal Time (part 2)

A continuation of the meals we had throughout our travels.

(countries 15-27 with the most recent at the top)

22. Namibia - meal highlights during our 9 day stay

21. Tanzania - meal highlights during our 11 day stay

20. Rwanda - meal highlights during our 7 day stay

19. Ethiopia - meal highlights during our 7 day stay

18. United Arab Emirates - meal highlights during our 3 day stay

17. India - meal highlights during our 3 week stay

16. Nepal - meal highlights during our 14 day stay

Traditional Nepalese meal was yummy but spicy

Traditional Nepalese meal being eaten with a fork!

Found a Mexican restaurant in Kathmandu

Mojito and Caipirinha 

Yes, nachos!



Mint lemonade and lemonade

Green salad with fresh bread

Cheese plate with pita

Greek salad

Yogurt drinks - chocolate banana and strawberry…tasted like Quik 


Over easy eggs with potatoes and toast

English breakfast - beans with omelette and toast

Fresh lime soda

Mushroom pizza - is it weird I had a lot of pizza in Nepal?

Salami sandwich with fries

Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream


Olive Cafe - local fish with mashed potatoes and veggies

Olive cafe - chicken sandheko dish with pita

Buckwheat pancake with honey and omelette

Mojito pitcher @ Moondance Restaurant

Hummus and veggies with naan

Garden salad

Boar with mashed potatoes and veggies @ Moondance Restaurant

Penne with tomato sauce and mozzarella

Spring rolls

The spring rolls had noodles inside!


Chicken curry

Breakfast - eggs, potatoes, fruit and toast

Choclate pancake

We found some bacon!

Chicken salad sandwich

Meat momos (dumplings)

Omelette with toast

Fried potato skins

Salad and fries

Chateau Briande - 600g steak!

Veggie fajitas - not what I expected

Tortillas and sides


Everest Premium Lager

I have an unhealthy love of nachos...

Cheese balls

Hamburger with fries

Cobb salad

Rawson's Retreat was pretty decent...for $13USD

Spring roll

Tuna sandwich

Plain naan

Special gummy bears

Hard boiled eggs with toast and banana lassi


Rusty soda bottle - yum


Traditional Nepalese dish 

Chicken Soduku with pita

Paul is questioning the chicken soduku with pita

Breakfast burrito from Roadhouse Cafe - best breakfast burrito Paul's ever had!

Chicken Ceasar Wrap

American breakfast - over easy eggs, sausages, bacon, mushroom, potatoes and toast

Breakfast burritto

Chicken burrito

Club sandwich

Potatoes with refried beans and cheese with jalapenos on top

Gorkha Beer

Don't judge me and my love of Hawaiian pizzas

Paul was having some stomach issues so he stuck with plain rice


Chicken Caesar Salad

Decent fries

Garlic bread

Paul had to go the plain route - bacon and chicken wrap

Decent Hawaiian pizza! Had to fulfill a craving...

15. China- meal highlights during our 4 week stay


Our first meal in Beijing...Filet-o-fish! 

Fried veggies with garlic

Sauteed cauliflower with chili

Special pork dish (braised) with buns

It looks a little gross but it was actually quite good - kind of like a "make your onw pork bun"

Scallion pancakes

Chocolate and banana crepe

Ham and cheese sandwich with fries for Paul! 

Tuna salad in the 798 Art Zone

Watching the delicate cutting of the peking duck while waiting to be seated

Large grapes on ice

Condiment plate for Peking Duck - sugar, onion, hoison sauce, cucumber, radish

Bak choy

Peking duck - yum!

There is an art to cutting the duck

It has to be done right!

Peking duck all cut up for us

It looks like he left a lot of meat on the bones so we asked to take it home

Presented nicely

The head cut in half

Unproperly wrapped Peking Duck

Properly wrapped Pecking Duck (we were being watched and judged)


Chicken Noodle Soup

Dont' judge us for going the the golden arches again or that guy's pants

Salad appetizer

Fruit salad appetizer

Cheese dip

French onion soup

Cream of mushroom soup

Short ribs

Filet of beef

Weird grape drink

Iced coffee drink

Pumpkin flan


Homemade sandwich - salami, mortedella, and cheese

Yes, made in our hotel room!

Xinjiang province (Silk Road)

Paul is sad to have KFC

The worst $10 cup of coffee EVER

Grilling kebabs!

Paul enjoying his lamb kebabs

Salad with chili and soy sauce

Khatek (yogurt)

Polo - Uygur rice pilaf


Paul enjoying his Khatek (yogurt)

Leh Man - noodles with tomatoes, lamb and veggies

Lamb kebabs

Boiled eggs for Paul's breakfast

Some chinese food for my breakfast

Veggie bun

Polo - rice pilaf

Khatek (yogurt)

Leh Man - noodles with tomatoes

Beef noodle soup that made our tongues numb

One of the worst breakfasts ever - overcooked egg that could not be cut, weird orange drink, stale bread, and some kind of berry dressing? or maybe it was supposed to be jam? With 2 glasses of milk. Anyway, it was gross.

Lamb kebab

Wait, is that MORE lamb kebab? Why yes, it is!

Leh man - noodles with tomatoes, lamb and veggies

Naren noodle soup - Kryzhat food 

Meat and veggie kebabs

Mmmmm - more lamb kebabs!

Khatek (yogurt)

And yes, again - Lah man - noodles with tomatoes, lamb and veggies

We went to this restaurant twice for the kebabs and lah man; the guy to the left was our guide

Polo - not as good as the usual

White Rabbit candy - brings back childhood memories!


Lamb kebabs - not as good as in Kashgar

Sweet and sour chicken

First fruit we had in awhile!

Bak Choy

Cheeseburger with fries @ Oasis Cafe in Dunhuang

Chocolate cake

Bak Choy

Chicken with onions

Fried noodles with veggies 

Chocolate mousse

Egg tart

Chicken teriyaki burger

Xi'an airport

Beef noodle soup

Ham (if you can call it that) and cheese sandwich at the airport

Shanghai (the first 13 photos are from the dinner I had with my aunt, uncle and cousin)

Fried pork cutlet with mayonaise - yes, mayonaise

Steamed pork

Chicken - can you tell?

We ordered a fresh spring salad (as stated on the menu) - this is what we got

Fish with mushrooms

Sauteed veggies

Fish with veggies wrapped in dried bean curd

Fried rice sticks

Sauteed cauliflower with bell peppers

Pickled veggies and vinegar with peppers

Some kind of crab dish - I think it may have been crab brains? 

Soup with white carrots and corn


This was one of the pages in the menu from dinner with my family; Paul really wanted to order this dish.

Pretty good breakfast! Breakfast buffet - buns, congee, hard boiled egg and bacon - yeah, that's how I roll

Nothing like having some Spanish tapas in China!

Paul is intently studying the menu

Fresh bread with tomato based dipping sauce (not for Paul)

Some good wine, if I recall

Goats cheese (L) and Manchego Cheese (R)

Iberian Cold-cuts Board - Salchicon, Chorizo, Ham on Toast

Deviled Eggs – stuffed with salmon and diced vegetable salad

Classical Brava Fried Potatoes

Mixed Croquettes - Iberian ham, Cheese & spinach, Truffle & mushroom

Grilled Pork Skewers – marinated in cumin, paprika and garlic

Chocolate mousse with fruit

Yes - soup for breakfast!

Paul's more "traditional" breakfast

Spaghetti pomodoro at the Shanghai Airport

Penne with ham and mushroom

Macau and Hong Kong

Welcome fruit plate @ the Sheraton in Macau

Indian lunch - Garlic naan, Chicken Tikka, veggie curry and yogurt

Not in India yet but chicken tikka became Paul's staple meal

Garlic Naan

Veggie curry


Free food at the Sheraton Club - pasta salad, chicken cordon bleu and grilled sandwich

Free food and wine!

Free dessert! Gummy bears, brownies and gummy worms

Expensive bagel @ the Sheraton the next morning

I don't know - cheese and onion pastry?

We finally found a good sandwich/soup/salad place in Hong Kong - Half panini and macaroni and cheese soup

Half panini and chicken noodle soup

Finally - some salad!

Curried mango chutney and turkey sandwich - roasted turkey, white cheddar, curried mango chutney, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and mesclun mix on malted multigrain bread

muffaletta - sliced italian salami, roasted turkey, red onions, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, iceberg lettuce and olive tapenade on french baguette

Mutant gummy bear

The Tuscan salad - artichoke hearts, salami, roasted red peppers, parmesan, white beans, arugula and romaine with pesto vinaigrette

California salad - grilled chicken, avocado, egg whites, tomatoes, slivered almonds and iceberg with balsamic vinaigrette

Penne with sausage, mushrooms, onions and parmesan in a pesto sauce

Clam chowder soup

Toasted Pita & Dips - beetroot feta, tzatziki, hummus and chili roast tomato & bell pepper @ Oolaa in Hong Kong

Penne Aglio e Olio @ Oolaa in Hong Kong

Wild Mushroom Risotto drizzled with truffle oil and topped with shaved parmesan

Brownie dessert

Olives @ Viva Ana

What? More cured meats? Yes. We found a Spanish tapas place called Viva Ana

Salad with anchovies and avocado @ Viva Ana

Omelette @ Viva Ana

Stuffed mushrooms @ Viva Ana

Roast duck @ Viva Ana - the best dish from that meal

Pumpkin carrot soup @ Dressed

Tomato soup

Steak sandwich with blue cheese

California turkey sandwich with avocado


Paul's Starbucks cheesecake dinner

Chicken rice steamed in bamboo leaf

Ping Yuan (my grandfather's village)

Beef soup with LOTS of garlic

Big banana

A kind of plant gelatin with honey - it tastes like it looks

The dinner spread - homecooked meal in Pingyuan

The culprit of our headaches and dehydration - rice wine

Beef with veggies 

Salted and steamed chicken

Some kind of melon

Beef soup

Pork with veggies

Melon soup

Fresh tofu

Paul taking a shot


Pork with special mushrooms

Bittermelon with escargot

White carrot 

Homecooked meal #2 in Pingyuan

Garlic soup with some beef

Seaweed salad

White carrots

Dandelion leaves

Peel top PBR!

Tofu with onions

Homecooked meal by Lins

Special rice cakes with cabbage

Guangzhou / Guilin

Supposed to be really good beef noodle soup here @ the Guangzhou airport

The beef noodle soup was quite good actually! 

Longan or, "dragon eye" snack while waiting to board our flight to Guilin

See, it looks like a dragon's eye!

Fried rice and fried noodles @ a buffet in Guilin

Short ribs, egg, and macaroni dish

Sauteed veggies

Red bean pancake

Pork chop plate - my egg broke

Salmon plate

Mango juice

Coconut water - looks like a face!

Mom cleaning all the cups and plates before using them

Tofu with tomatoes and scallions - yum!

Chicken with tomatoes and bell peppers

Stir fried cabbage

Fresh fish

Mom left so we hit the KFC - easier to order...kind of

Fish ball soup from KFC

Hamburger from KFC - not their specialty

Fight the power! Eat KFC!

Surprisingly good pork curry from KFC

Chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC

Veggie fried patty from KFC

Mantoe - fresh steamed rice flour buns


Spaghetti carbonara with parmasean (which Paul hates but it was the only thing he could get)

Eating separately as usual - Paul gets his meal first

Penne bolognese comes after Paul is done


Starbucks breakfast - ham and cheese

Ham and cheese croissant from Starbucks too

We found Gato Negro at a restaurant called Massimo

Bacon wrapped asparagus from Massimo

Garlic bread

Chicken and bacon sandwich on foccacia from Massimo

Sauteed mushrooms from Massimo

Chicken and bacon sandwich on foccacia from Massimo (dissected) 

Fried calamari

Caesar salad @ Masssimo 

Oreo cheesecake @ Masssimo 

Mint cheesecake @ Masssimo 

Another chicken caesar from Massimo

And yes, more bacon wrapped asparagus!

Can you tell we came here two nights in a row? 

Filet @ Masssimo 

Our go to - Magnum ice cream for breakfast


French onion soup

French fries

Hummus with toast

Sauteed spinach - it tasted dirty

Typical Tibetan food - veggie momos (dumplings)

Potato curry

Chicken Tikka

Yak and potato stew 

Yak and potato stew over rice


Veggie momo soup

Mutton biryani (fried rice)

Veggie set meal 

Terrible breakfast - was not touched

Boiled eggs with steamed bun


Chicken noodle soup

Chow Mein

Half a chicken with french fries

Omelette with unedible bread

The collection of bread that we did not eat


Veggie fried rice - actually quite good!

Yak soup

Barley - you take a bunch in your hand to make into a ball and throw into your soup or, eat it dry!

Boiling the teapot using a reflective dish

Yak meat and potatoes over rice - light on the yak meat


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