Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Shots of the Month (6/15-7/13) - Taiwan

Ok, just this once (hopefully) I am combining 4 Random Shots of the Week posts into one post. This will make it a lot less painful for me (and probably you too!)


I think this puppy was growling at me

What did he do to his dog?

Oink oink - yes, this is her pet pig that she's walking

First time seeing a dog ride on a scooter


Acid washed overall hoody? 

Leopard dress with red/white/blue leggings?

Jean vest and khakis with high tops

Not just any kind of high tops...with wings!


I don't even know - Paul found this sign in the men's bathroom

Don't play with birds

Now your kitty can go on the toilet too

You want one, don't you?

Again, no birds!

Seems to be a problem in Taipei

Really random

Nice chair

Paul and I enjoyed vandalizing my mom's calendar

This makes me laugh - click here to watch the video

An unexpected guest that we had to evict

Yeah, he wants to hit that thing

Cigarettes for sale


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