Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We took another bullet train and finally made it to Tokyo on Sunday, July 21.

We need to have these trains in the States!

Tokyo Station

After navigating through the complicated but simple subway system, we found our hotel (Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon) right off of the purple line.

We had to take the red line to the purple line

Adding to the strange number 13 phenomenon (Japan is our 13th country, we arrived on July 13 and are staying for 13 days), when we checked in, we were given a room on the 13th floor…room number 1313. AND, the rate per night was 13,000 Japanese Yen. WEIRD.

We need to find a casino so we can play roulette and bet on the number 13 

The hotel was right across the street from the Imperial Palace and we got a great view of the city. 

To the left is the Imperial Palace and to the right, you can see the Tokyo Tower

After resting up a bit, we took a walk to look for a place to eat. We found a Tony Roma's close by which made life a little easier because the likelihood of them accommodating Paul's allergies was high. It was pricey (I think our priciest meal in Japan) but it was easier. We called it a night after dinner since we had to get up early for our Mt. Fuji tour.

View from our room at night


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