Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Taipei, Taiwan - Week 3

So, week 3 in Taipei...more of the same - eating, movies, chiropractor appointments and errand running.

We passed by this statue every time we went to the movies

I was late in snapping the photo but Paul was punching it

On Saturday, June 22 we had dinner with my mom, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Waiting for the bus

Walking to the restaurant

Mom and Paul

From left to right - Ker-Ching (my cousin), his daughter (Xiao Dou Zi), his wife (Peggy), Uncle Richard, Aunt Tricia, you know us, mom, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Wang Touh

Another group shot

My aunt really loves Paul

Paul does not love this Gremlin looking thing

Walking off our big dinner

This is the massage chair that Paul would use before going into the chiropractor. I think he was taking orders for the McDonald's drive through, flying a spaceship, or both.

Paul enjoyed this chair

But not as much as I enjoyed seeing him in it

Mid-week we also had some "all you can eat" hot-pot with my brothers. There was a 2-hour limit but I'd say we got our money's worth since I think combined, the 4 of us had over 10 scoops of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Paul and I had the plain soup (no soy sauce!)

After eating a ton, we walked around and I introduced Paul to Tuxedo Sam

We also found David Beckham for Paul to punch

Another Friday, another appointment.

Paul's 4th appointment - more massage chair...Hh loves it

It takes two people to work on Paul's back

Walking around Taipei Main Station we made some friends before dinner with my mom.

He loves it when you call him beard papa...

Taiwan Iron Chef means business

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