Friday, July 19, 2013

Paul's Country Review: Taiwan

We were there for 5 weeks and I don't really know anything about it. One thing I can say is that Taipei is one giant mall and Asians love to shop. It might just be a way to escape the heat and crushing humidity, but it literally is mall after mall and you walk through them rather than be outside. There was one mall found throughout Taipei that made exact replicas of itself; types of stores and their locations duplicated exactly over and over again. The part that makes the most sense is that this mall (Mitsukashi something, something) had three, one right after the other - exactly the same. Maybe you flat out refuse to buy that pair of shoes in Mitsukashi 1, but by the time you get to Mitsukashi 17...  you'll come around.

My arch nemesis

I don't speak Chinese but I'm pretty sure you have to defeat the dragon with this scooter to receive 10% off all gash

We extended our stay so that I could take care of my back, so there wasn't really a lot of sightseeing, but more of catching up with Christine's family and eating. When we weren't eating we were traveling to some place to eat, or talking about eating, or thinking about eating and so most of the weight we lost in the first six months is back on, I feel like White Goodman after his plans for a GloboGym victory at the dodgeball championship was foiled by a bogus call and the feel-good vote by F*@$ing Chuck Norris!

Dude's making oodles of noodles

What I ate almost everyday

We didn't do much of anything except lay around Christine's mother's house, go to the mall, cut school and talk to boys on the phone - OMG did you see Steven's hair. Check out the photos.

Surveying another mall

Aside from luxury jewelry and luxury watches, this mall sells luxury

My finger smells like Buddha's belly button

Check out this video of me performing on the streets of Taipei.

Check out my new ride

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