Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Two Weeks in Taiwan

Our last two weeks in Taiwan we tried to eat less - ok, not really. It was more meals but we also went to Yangmingshan National Park (only Paul didn't go because he got sick so he stayed behind to rest up). 

Another must try in Taiwan is this pepper meat pie - it was a million times better than stinky tofu

One morning walking to the MRT we saw some beautiful shadows 

We were able to meet up for dinner with my cousin, Dong-Dong

Really cool looking door on our way to dinner one night

Paul doing the robot kitty

Having drinks at the W Taipei

The view from the W Taipei

Sharing a bottle of wine with my mom and her friend, Racho

Green tea mojito

My aunt and uncle took us to Yangmingshan on July 7. It was really pretty - too bad Paul wasn't feeling well.

Locals preparing bamboo

Bamboo for sale

Another local preparing bamboo


My mom

Pretty flowers

My mom and aunt look great!

Local working on the farm


Beautiful scenery

Walking towards the butterflies

There were tons of them

My shutter speed wasn't quite fast enough here to get a clear shot

Rice field

Water bug

Beautiful reflections

More reflections

More butterflies

Uncle Wang-Touh, Aunt Cindy and my cousin Ker-Ching

With my mom and aunt

With my aunt and cousin

This is a squash

They made this out of the squash


Our last night in Taipei, we went for dinner on the 85th floor of Taipei 101. We were hoping to see the typhoon...

Waiting for Typhoon Soulik

Paul still hates the Damper Baby

Mirror in the elevator - weird pic!

It was overcast and windy with no sign of the typhoon

After dinner you could tell the typhoon was coming!

Branches already everywhere

Click here to watch just how windy it really got! 

Started raining so we had to jump in a cab

The next day's typhoon mess

Got a great picture of the Grand Hotel on our way to the airport

At the airport, we saw this weird statue of a creature. There was a little girl by it so Paul couldn't abuse it like usual. He was really ready to though. Look how amped he is.



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