Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (6/8-6/14) - Taiwan

Elvis-Teletubby hybrid

You are not allowed to bring Scotties or flowers to the top of Taipei 101!

CAWW! Paul is the Beastmaster...

For all those who wear Crocs - beware!!!

Art by the Nangang Exhibition Center MRT station

Movie previews include a commercial about taking care of your pets (don't cook them)

Mannequins at UV City...cover up!

Bradley Cooper does Haagen-Dazs advertising here

Paul got his hat replacement...can you tell which one he's worn for 6 months? NASTY.

Look at the teeny-tiny frog I found jumping around

Um, no, that's not a real tiger head on her back - it's a furry backpack! AND she's not 16.

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