Meal time

A few folks have asked about the food in Fiji; we decided it would be easier to keep a separate log of the different meals we'll have during our travels. Here's the first - new entries will be posted on this same page with the most recent at the top of the page.

(countries 1-14 with the most recent at the top)

14. Korea - meal highlights during our 10 day stay

Popeyes dinner - first dinner in Korea…at the airport

We ate here twice because it was one of the few places that was OK with not serving Paul soy sauce

Korean BBQ at Pig Prince

Pork belly, mushrooms and garlic

All wrapped up!

Paul eating a pepper

Yum - all wrapped up! 

This was the pepper Paul ate

Lime draft beer - yes, with a straw!

Orea cheesecake at where? Starbucks!

Blueberry cheesecake

Our second visit to the Pig Prince!

Acorn jelly - not my thing

There were a lot of little plates - all for me...

This was Paul's Kim Chi Soup

Street food - Hotteok - sweet filled pancake

Paul had some McD's...again

I had some more street food - these were like Chinese pot stickers

I ate them walking back to our hotel

Dunkin' Donuts breakfast

Philly Cheesesteak with fries

Turkey and cheese sandwich for Paul

We found a DTF in Seoul but sadly it was not like the DTF in Taipei - these XiaoLongBaos were weak.

DTF - Beef noodle soup without the beef

DTF Chinese broccoli 

Bacon and egg fried rice for Paul

Thumbs down for this DTF!

Banana from Starbucks for breakfast

Chicken burrito from Starbucks - reminded me of the Amy's frozen burritos that I'd get from Whole Foods

Monsieur sandwich from 

Love this Ice Shaken Lemonade Lemongrass flavor

Street food - making hotteok.

Different kind of Hotteok - this time in Seoul!

Green salad @ Outback

California steak salad - mango and tomatoes tossed with lemon vinagarette topped with sliced steak served with salsa and ranch

Cheese fries was probably not a good idea when we were still trying to lose all the carb weight from Taiwan

Ribeye steak, potatoes and veggies for Paul from Outback

We had to get up super early for the DMZ tour - leftovers for breakfast - cheese fries sandwich!

Don't judge us

I had a spicy (but good) lunch of Bibimbap on our DMZ tour

Paul wasn't able to eat any of the Korean food...this was his (sad) lunch


Birthday dinner at Tuscany

Bread basket

Raw tuna with vinagerette 

Caesar salad

Green salad

Swordfish carpaccio 


Filet with potatoes and veggies

Birthday wine

Birthday cheesecake

Cream of mushroom soup

Ny Strip Steak with fries and veggies 

Chicken wrap

Ham and cheese with salad

Bulgogi (bacon) gratin

Cheese fries 

Ham and cheese gratin 

Chicken burrito

Chocolate covered cinnamon roll from Starbucks 

Yes, Mexican in Seoul!

Dos pork tacos

Chili cheese nachos 
Cream of mushroom soup
Green salad for Paul 

Ribeye steak with baked potato at Bennigans 

Chicken quesadilla - yes, I was craving Mexican

Asiana airport lounge food - abalone congee with samosa and spring rolls on the side

Ham and cheese sandwich 

Airplane meal - beef with rice

13. Japan - meal highlights during our 13 day stay

Weaning ourselves off the carbs from our time in Taiwan.

Getting ready for our first meal in Okinawa

Navy Bean Soup


Food preparation

Making our dinner

Yum! Hibachi!

Paul got stuff without soy sauce

Fire! Actually, just volcano onion...

Fried rice


Manneken Belgian waffles - honey / chocolate

Can you tell it's 9am and we're having A&W burgers with root beer?

Well, we did. Limited choices at the airport.

At the next airport, we had a better option.

Cheese plate at the Osaka Airport

Some olives


Sausage fest

Tuna sandwich with edamame

Hot dog with mustard for Paul

Coco curry - Paul was only able to have an egg salad with salt

Coco curry - pork flavored curry with veggies and rice

Puppy wine

Black Seasame Dam Dam Noodles

Plain soup chicken noodles

Making my Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki - grilled savory pancake (kansai's soul food)

It wasn't my thing

Can you tell?

Hot dogs and sandwiches for lunch

Yum - got some beard papa's!

Tuna hand roll

It was a necessary evil that Paul grew to despise

But it was made for us!

Takoyaki - octopus balls 

Here I am trying the takoyaki - not bad but also not my there were 8 of them!

Here's what the inside looks like

Salad @ Tony Roma's - some greens!

Salmon and shrimp piccata at Tony Roma's

Rib eye steak with mashed potatoes and veggies


A present to Paul from our Mt. Fuji tour guide because it was likely Paul would not get a decent meal with his allergies

I got a set meal

It was sashimi, miso soup and a special egg dish

This is the special egg dish

Sirloin steak with fries, corn, and spinach in Tokyo

Soba with pork and veggies in Tokyo -one of my favorite meals in Japan

Tiny fish with bell peppers

Fish cakes

Seafood salad with soy/seasame dressing (Paul did not have this!)

Fried eel

Fresh sashimi - the scallops were sweet (what I have my chopsticks on)

Mackerel and Skipjack

Tuna steak - before

Tuna steak - after -- my cousin and her husband really spoiled us for this dinner!

Yebisu Creamy Top Stout - yummy

At Starbucks with a cinnamon bun and coffee

Asahi beer at baseball game

Hot dogs at the baseball game - Swallows v. Tigers

Jack & Cokes at baseball game

It took a long time to get the attention of the lady selling this but it was worth the wait... Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream

Another Starbucks breakfast - Roasted Veggies on toasted whole wheat and a banana

And what did Paul have? 

Starbucks - Ham and Cheese

Can you tell that this is a Teriyaki Chicken burger from Burger King?

Our go-to picnic dinner - crackers, salami and cheese, pistachios and wine!

Cheese plate appetizer for lunch @ the airport

Seemed to be my go to dish on the road...Spaghetti

And Paul's go to dish...Steak with rice and fries with some salad

I really enjoyed these green tea Kit Kats!

Check it out...

12. Taiwan - meal highlights during our 5 week stay

It's not surprising when you browse through the meals we had in Taiwan that we gained about 7 pounds each...although it was good, it was all carbs! Noodles, rice, dumplings, pasta...

Veggie dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Fried pork @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Chicken soup @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Beef noodle soup @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Dessert was red bean dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Red bean dumplings

Hard at work at Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Caesar salad at Cafe Grazie

Fried squid @ Cafe Grazie

Paul had steak...

Some pretty good flatbread @ Cafe Grazie

Truffle and mushroom risotto

Mom had a penne dish

Dad had some kind of beef noodle soup

First home cooked meal in almost 6 months! Beef curry with potatoes and carrots - yum!

Probably a vanilla latte

BK goodness

Home cooked pan fried pork with pumpkin flax cereal

Home cooked greens!

Beef sandwich

Home cooked sweet and sour pork ribs

Home cooked beef with onions

Home cooked greens!

Pickled cabbage @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Pork soup dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Shrimp and asparagus dumplings @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Spicy beef noodle soup @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Sticky rice steamed in bamboo leaf - YUM @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Starbucks croissant sandwich

Starbucks sandwich

Veggie dumplings @ local restaurant

Taro carrot cake sauteed with some special sauce

Fish fried rice

Half eaten fish - I forgot to take a picture before we started digging in

Pulled noodles!

Beef noodle (freshly pulled) soup!

Fried sweet bun

How to make fresh pulled noodles


Juicy and sweet

Cheese bread at the bakery

Hawaiian pizza bread @ bakery

Curry pie (kind of like a beef patty from Golden Krust)

A special dessert place

Called Eastern Ice Store - not sure why their logo is a frog

Red bean (yes, again) with glutinous rice balls

Paul isn't really enjoying this special treat

Cobb Salad from T.G.I.Friday's

Paul had a steak at T.G.I.Friday's

Some kind of red bean sponge cake - ugh - I can't remember - shouldn't someone be writing all this stuff down?

Starbucks fraps for lunch

Home cooked meal - pork chops with broccoli and carrots

Home made sandwich on fresh bread, extra sharp cheddar and ham

Home made sandwich with special bread

I was finally able to get all the ingredients for chicken piccatta

Didn't taste exactly like I used to make it but close...

Bacon cheeseburger from The Diner

Salad at The Diner

Night market chicken

CPK Cobb salad

CPK Chicken and bell peppers with lime

Mom ordered a CPK Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza

Clam fried rice...?

Chocolate cake with ice cream

Home made noodles

Chicken claw...was in the soup!

Chicken, mushroom and asparagus pasta

Squid and seaweed pasta

Shrimp and asparagus appetizer @ Tasty

Personal pan pizza for 2nd course @ Tasty

Melted cheese for dipping @ Tasty 

Green salad @ Tasty

Pumpkin soup @ Tasty 

Meatball soup @ Tasty

Sirloin steak @ Tasty

Creme Brule @ Tasty

Chocolate sauce and ice cream dessert @ Tasty

Bratwurst and kraut

Salad and pretzel for me


Crab with rice



Some kind of soup...

Fried rice

Seafood dish

Paul is feeding the fish his finger


Fried seafood

Eat the fried rice!

Thomas eating the fish eyeball

See, now it's gone - gross

Something spicy I refused to eat

Pumpkin soup

Bread with cheese and bacon

Salad with papaya, apples, tomatoes, grapes

Pretty good piece of meat!

Rib eye

Ice cream!

Wine for our steaks



Oodles of noodles


Sushi on boats


Special Japanese egg dish

Pickled cucumber

Bean curd

Pork chop appetizers

Beef Noodle Soup - the best in Taiwan!

Add sour vegetables to the beef noodle soup...yum!

Some dessert...

...and capuchino

Green onion and pepper meat pie

It was really quite good!

Fresh pears

Picnic spread

Pickled cucumber (slightly spicy) @ Din Tai Fung (DTF)

Yes - we went to DTF a lot

In case you don't know how to eat XiaoLongBao...there are instructions

Paul's go to was some kind of noodle soup - this is beef noodle soup @ DTF

Mutton noodle soup

Beef and tofu noodles 

We even tried a French restaurant in Taipei called Ducky Restaurant

Garlic fries were delicious

Caesar salad

Mashed potatoes

Pesto risotto with pan roasted Amadai (horsehead fish)

Seafood and tomato risotto

Braised beef cheek with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies

Pan roasted sirloin with black pepper sauce and seasonal veggies


Delicious apple creme brulee dessert

Awesome green onion pancakes that are my mom's staple food from the local restaurant

Chicken noodle soup - Paul's staple 

Fresh chicken soup from DTF

What? DTF again? Yes.

Mmmmmmm - XiaoLongBao

And more green onion pancakes

Another steak for the books

Chicken salad

Taiwan Beer...Sorry Paul!

Fruit Salad - fruit with lettuce = Fruit Salad!

"The best pizza in Taiwan" 

Hawaiian pizza 

Deep dish veggie pizza - yes, with corn!

Fried chicken

Last dinner in Taipei at Taipei 101the night of Typhoon Soulik

Dirty martini!

Onion soup

Cream of mushroom soup

Caesar salad

Pasta with veggies


Dessert at Taipei 101

Pineapple cake!

11. Laos - meal highlights during our 6 day stay

Paul has another ham and cheese sandwich!

Pork soup with veggies in Luang Prabang

Fresh bread for breakfast


Coconut shake (too sweet!)

Ham and cheese crepe

My ham and cheese crepe

Lao Set Menu - Pork laap with banana flower, lemongrass and ginger,  Mok pa (steamed fish in banana leaf with herbs and coconut milk)

Lao Set Menu continued: Kang phet kai (red chicken curry in coconut milk), Stir fried beef with ginger and onion, Luang Prabang sausage and Mekong river weed with spicy buffalo dipping sauce

Mok pa

A really good apple

Pineapple for Paul

Same breakfast in Luang Prabang...omelette with fresh bread

Described as "the best iced coffee in town"

Spaghetti carbonara

Lamb skewers with fries and pita

We liked the Laos Set Menu so much, we came back to Cafe Toui for more

I had to try the local beer...

Beerlao was pretty good! I especially like the logo.

I ordered the pork laap since I liked it from the sampler the other night

I ordered sticky rice this time though

A good Laotian meal

Paul had a salad starter

And steak with fries and veggies

Close up of the steak

Minestrone in Vientiane - not very good

Paul's plain pasta dinner (spaghetti aglio olio) - he was not pleased

Rigatoni bolognese 

Paul's breakfast - eggs, hot dog, bacon and cucumber

Some fruit

I had soup and glass noodles for breakfast

Xayoh salad with bacon, parmesan and croutons 

Baked potato with bacon and sour cream

Baked potato with feta and mushrooms

Where we had most of our meals in Vientiane

Turkish coffee and cookies and cream

Bad idea to get pad Thai in Laos

Paul is eating a weird sandwich that he did not like

Iced coffee

We thought going to a fancy Japanese restaurant would be a good idea

Hamachi sashimi

Replacement California rolls

We ended back at Swensen's to fill up

Paul had 3 scoops!

Paul's American breakfast

I got the same Xayoh salad

Some garlic bread

Paul got a burger

Airplane meal - fish with veggies and rice

Airplane meal - beef with veggies and rice

10. Cambodia - meal highlights during our 6 day stay

Cream of mushroom soup at Naturae - an all organic restaurant in Phnom Penh

Chilled cucumber soup at Naturae 

Goat cheese with beet salad at Naturae 

Pumpkin risotto at Naturae 

Nasty capt'n getting in food

Yogurt with muesli (set breakfast at The Kabiki)

Omelette and a side of bacon (set breakfast at The Kabiki)

Fresh fruit (set breakfast at The Kabiki)

Homemade pineapple jam and butter (set breakfast at The Kabiki)

Lime juice

Chef salad

Curry chicken for Paul

Amok fish - traditional Cambodian dish

Fresh bread - incuding chestnut bread (set breakfast at The Kabiki)


Italian sub

Coconut water

Mushroom with cabbage

Cambodian style hot and sour chicken soup

Tuna sandwich with fries

Club sandwich with fries

Some local Cambodian beer

This is the ABC Extra Stout poured in the glass

Spaghetti with mushroom sauce

Mekong fish with lime butter sauce and fries

$1.50 margaritas @ Viva!

Potato skins @ Viva!

More local beer

My country my beer

Potato skins @ Molly Malone's (set dinner)

T-bone steak with broccoli and mashed potatoes

Filet Mignon with broccoli

Caesar salad

Chocolate Mousse

Lemongrass mojito

Kaympot pepper mojito

Whiskey sour and whiskey/ginger

Tomato soup

French onion soup

Ham and cheese sandwich

9. Vietnam- meal highlights during our 23 day stay

Slow cooked pork in clay pot in Hanoi

Fried pork with some weird cocnut creme on top 

Cha Ca - A unique specialty of Hanoi people made from mudfish. It is deboned, seasoned, covered by banana leaves and grilled over coals and served with roasted peanuts (which we refused), rice noodles, and spiced veggies (dill, spring onion, coriander, and mint). Served with shrimp paste or fish sauce (we went with fish sauce since Paul's allergic to shrimp). 

Trying the local Vietnam beer - Thang Long

Close up of how it's served to you

Still cooking it 

Spring onions with the fish

Grapefruit dessert

Beef Pho

Chocolate ice cream for a snack - Capt'n is looking mighty crazy here

Fine, we broke down and went to KFC for dinner 

Chicken Pho in Sapa after a 4km hike

Vietnamese wine - not that good

Veggie Pho…Paul had a burger

Fresh spring rolls in Sapa

Seasoned fries but tasted like potato chips

Pork with noodles in Sapa

Spring rolls 

Pho Beef Noodle Soup

Pork sandwich

Cheeseburger and fries for Paul  (room service) in Hanoi

Nem Hanoi (Crispy spring rolls) in Hanoi

Ba la lot - Minced beef with garlic wrapped in leaf, lemon grass grilled on high heat fire served with steamed rice in Hanoi

Here's what the Ba la lot looks like on the inside

Fried rice

Meatball soup

Crispy spring rolls

Craving some pastries

Dessert was pretty good - a brownie and some cream cake

Spring rolls in Hue

Chicken dish

Paul ordered steak - he couldn't eat it because it was doused with soy!

Veggie plate with fish sauce - this is what Paul ended up eating

In case of emergency...we had kettle chips!

Pork Banh Mi in Hue

Ham and cheese with french fries and goldfish in Hue

I really wanted to try these case you're wondering too, they weren't very good

Beef and vegetable soup

Beef Pho - with peanuts! @ Hoi Au in Hoi An

Eating at Dingo Deli

Chicken club burger with ranch and fries

A sad breakfast sandwich

Ham and cheese sandwich @ Cargo Club in Hoi An

Tuna melt @ Cargo Club in Hoi An

Delicious lime juice @ Dingo Deli

Greek salad @ Dingo Deli in Hoi An

Hot dog with melted cheese and bacon @ Dingo Deli in Hoi An

Dumplings @ Vetiver in Hoi An

Chicken and pineapple @ Vetiver in Hoi An

Veggies @ Vetiver in Hoi An

Salad at a German restaurant

German sausage with spetzel

Steak with pan fried potatoes


Chicken stuffed with spinach and goat cheese with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Steak with fries and asaragus

Paul is excited to have steak!

A close up of my chicken stuffed with spinach and goat cheese

Omelette with ham and cheese

Mango smoothies

Tuna sandwich

Paul is not excited about this sandwich

Club sandwich with egg and bacon

T-bone steak for 2 - before


T-bone steak after!

Chocolate mousse

Chicken sausage rolls

Mushroom spring rolls

Mini Burgers @ Sheraton Saigon Hotel Night Club/Wine Bar (23rd floor bar)

These sliders look tiny in Paul's hands

Beef pho for breakfast @ first Saigon hotel

Sticky rice in a banana leaf

Curry chicken for Paul!

Pork with onion

Stir fried green beans with garlic - we're pretty sure these were washed in the Mekong River because we got sick after

Grape berry (Lanzone)

Looks like garlic when you open it up

Fresh coconut water

Beef Pho 

What's left of the chicken that Paul ordered. He never waits for me to take the picture...

Really sweet fruit punch

Beef Pho and another soup to share - glass noodle soup

Delicious dessert - coconut and chocolate ice cream in a coconut! Coconut water on the side too!

It was quite good!

Antipasto plate at VINO in Saigon (HCMC)

Patatas Bravas at VINO

Chorizo with roasted garlic in a white wine sauce - delicious!

The bottle of wine we shared

Breakfast congee with salty duck egg, tofu, and dried pork

Garden salad

Spaghetti with marinara sauce @ Pomodoro

Spaghetti with garlic, oil, and chili @ Pomodoro

Lunch on the boat after Cu Chi Tunnels

Meat plate @ Pomodoro 

Verde salad @ Pomodoro

Side of parmasean

Pumpkin ravioli @ Pomodoro

Penne bolognese @ Pomodoro

Affogotto dessert

One last Pho Beef at the airport

8. Myanmar- meal highlights during our 7 day stay

Onion soup starter for dinner in Mandalay

Fish curry

Peacock Lodge Burmese dinner - veggies, fish curry, and pickled carrot salad

Plated Mandalay dinner from Peacock Lodge

Spring rolls at Paramount Inle Lake

Lemon chicken

Fried mustard greens 

Chicken with veggies for dinner at Paramount Inle Resort

More fried mustard greens

12 ingredient soup

Fish dish - really good!

Stir fried cauliflower with egg

12 ingredient soup (again)

Chicken meat ball soup with veggies 

Myanmar wine!

Caesar salad

Paul's steak…hidden by a house of bread

Pork curry

Tea leaves salad - spicy

Romantic candlelit dinner

Traditional Burmese Lunch - curried mutton, curried pork, curried chicken, fried chicken, tea leaves salad, fresh veggies, curried beans

Traditional Burmese Lunch - curried mutton, curried pork, curried chicken, fried chicken, tea leaves salad, fresh veggies, curried beans

Noodle salad - not what I expected!

Chocolate cake in Bagan

Paul is trying some local fare

Tea Time!

Tea leaves and roasted nuts for a snack on our way to Mt. Popa

Chicken and pineapple for lunch in Mt. Popa

Chinese pork fried rice - last dinner in Bagan

Cheeseburger for paul (again)

I had to try the local beer - this was Dagon draft

Myanmar lager beer

Garlic noodles at the Yangon International Airport

7. Thailand - meal highlights during our 17 day stay

First meal in Thailand (Phuket Town) - Red curry with chicken and pineapple with rice

Veggie soup with tofu and pork balls

Fried chicken with rice - terrible meal in Similan Islands

At least we got some free water

Breakfast was toast

Along with 4 "boiled" eggs - no, we did not eat them for fear of salmonella

Curry chicken with rice - really spicy and the culprit of my first you know what

Dinner appetizer

Ramen dinner

Finally back in Phuket Town, I had some real ramen at a place called Ginza

Paul had pork curry with rice

Tekka maki appetizer


Sake mojito was yummy

Noodles and veggies in clear soup in Ko Lanta


Roasted pork with veggies and yorkshire pudding at Otto's 

Steak with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies at Otto's 

Rice soup with pork

Salami and cheddar cheese on baguettes - our favorite meal in Ko Lanta!

Pad Thai with chicken

Green curry chicken and carrots with rice

Pad Thai at Outrigger on Ko Phi Phi

Paul enjoying a coconut glory and a burger and fries (are you surprised?)

Coconut Glory - yum!

Room service...greek salad

Dessert - ginger toffee cake

Paul's dessert - chocolate mousse

Caesar salad - still at the Outrigger

Greek salad - before taking a bite and ruining the lovely presentation

Great wine with our private BBQ porch dinner

Best dinner in Thailand! Caesar salad with bread for starter

Close up of the Caesar salad

Duck, Chicken with pineapple, salmon filet, corn, potato and veggies

Steak and lamb with more potatoes and veggie kebab

Fresh fruit

Look how small the banana is next to Paul's hand

Our last dinner at the Outrigger - I had pork ball soup with veggies 

Red curry for Paul

More coconut drinks! 

Pretty good bottle of wine!

Leaving Phi Phi Island, Paul was forcing me to eat a sandwich

Breakfast in Chiang Mai - toast with egg and hot dog!

Tuna baguette sandwich in Chiang Mai

Coconut waffle and chocolate/banana waffle during night market in Chiang Mai

Paul had a sandwich for dinner

I had Pad Thai

Breaking down for some Mickey D's

I was being adventurous and tried the Samurai pork burger - bad choice 

Breakfast fried rice

Breakfast fried chicken with rice 

Tuna pie - another local McDonald's item that I had to try and this time it was good!

Red beet risotto at Aloft Hotel in Bangkok (first meal in Bangkok)

Paul opted for the steak at Aloft

We also went to a diner - Paul had a hot dog and fries

We shared this grilled cheese

And I had chili with garlic bread

Curry chicken

Breakfast at a cafe in Bangkok - not good

We said no tomatoes - look what came with it anyway

Tuna sandwich…I did not touch the salad for fear it would make me sick

Yummy salad from Zak's in Bangkok (chef was from New Hampshire!)

Meat plate

Chicken quesadilla

Cheese plate!

Tuna sandwich (again) at Au Bon Pain in Bangkok

Ham and cheese on a poppy seed bagel

Great salad from Zak's - yes, Zak's two nights in a row (our last meal in Bangkok)

Antipasto plate

Dessert…yes, wine and ice cream

6. Malaysia - meal highlights during our 10 day stay

Honey-Citrus Grilled Chicken Salad @ the Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka

Grilled Veggie Sandwich @ the Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka

Starbucks snack in Melaka

Breakfast sandwich in Melaka...before

Ummm, breakfast sandwich after I dissected it...

Caesar salad @ hotel restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Cream of mushroom soup in Kuala Lumpur

Steak sandwich with fries @ hotel restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Tuna sandwich with fries (Kuala Lumpur)

Grilled salmon with veggies and lemon butter sauce (Kuala Lumpur)

Roasted chicken with veggies (Kuala Lumpur)

Chicken curry with rice

Fried rice with chicken

Yes, we had Magnum ice cream chocolate bars for dinner one night @ Teman Negara

Curry chicken with rice and veggies

Chicken curry with rice - this was Paul's staple meal while in Malaysia...and other countries, you'll see

Fried noodles with egg

Sea bass with potatoes and veggies

Chicken Caesar Salad

Room service; steak with cafe au paris sauce, mashed potatoes...what led to the Prom Nite

Salad with prawns, walnuts and peppers

Steak sandwich with fries

Fish wrapped in banana leaf with rice @ the Hard Rock Cafe in Penang...yes, this tasted like it looked - gross.

At the Hard Rock Cafe in Penang, Paul had a really terrible burger

Salad from our Prom Night dinner in Penang @ the Park Royal Hotel

Lamb shanks

Chocolate muffin from McCafe!

5. Singapore - meal highlights during our 4 day stay

At a Thai restaurant - fresh spring rolls

Mushroom salad was spicy!

Paul got red curry chicken

More Thai food, we got more red curry chicken (too spicy for me), olive fried rice and stir fried veggies

We splurged on our last night in Singapore and went to Osteria Mozza at the Marina Sands Resort/Mall.

Burrata with bacon, marinated escarole, and carmelized shallots

Grilled octopus with potatoes, celery and lemon - YUM!

Grilled yellowtail with veggies and egg

Braised rabbit with roasted garlic, lemon and rosemary

Side of spinach

Side of roasted potatoes

4. Indonesia - meal highlights during our 10 day stay

fresh juice drinks @ Warung Semesta

@ Warung Semesta - Paul can't wait to dig in

Sayur urab (veggies) @ Warung Semesta

Fresh spring rolls @ Warung Semesta

Kwe tiaw - stir fried flat rice noodle with tofu, tempe, egg, and veggies @ Warung Semesta

Breakfast at Pondok Frog Guest House - a pancake...

With fresh fruit

Coconut water during a buffet lunch - this was the best part of lunch

We found a nice place in Ubud called Cafe Angsa

Coconut chicken @ Cafe Angsa

Sobo ayam @ Cafe Angsa

Kare Tahu @ Cafe Angsa - Original Indonesian vegetable curry with tofu served with steamed rice and shrimps cracker

Another breakfast fruit platter at Pondok Frog Guest House

On our last day in Ubud, we found a cool French restaurant - Kebun Bistro

Here is more of Kebun Bistro

Cranberry Splash and Lime Mint Refresher @ Kebun Bistro

I liked the decor here

Farmer's Board of meat and cheeses was delicious!

Proscuitto Rocket with parmesean, walnuts, and oranges @ Kebun Bistro

Caesar salad @ Kebun Bistro

We liked it so much for lunch, we went back for dinner - this is the Duck Confit

Paul got a burger

And we each got dessert - creme brulee for me...

Chocolate dessert

This was my favorite meal in Indonesia the one night we stayed in Padang Bai. Every other time I ordered it, it just didn't live up to the first one I had here at Zen Inn.

Pepes - Balinese dish of fish and Balinese sambal steamed in a banana leaf and served with rice @ Zen Inn

Of course, I had to eat the pepes with rice...

Beef Rendang - a classic Indonesian dish of slow cooked beef, coconut, and spices served with steamed veggies and rice @ Zen Inn

Zen Inn also had some movie poster art

Lime in the coconut

Capcay Ayam @ Montong Cafe & Resto in Senggigi

Bakso Sapi - beef stock soup with meatballs

Soto Ayam Kampung - chicken stock with noodles, shredded chicken, veggies and boiled egg

Egg Jaffle breakfast

Really bad ravioli but I ate it anyway - what was I thinking getting Italian in Indonesia?

Paul's steak was not good either

Another home made breakfast during our time at Ressa Home Stay in Senggigi

This was the salad in Gili Trawangan that did Paul in - his did not have tomatoes though but look at the black lettuce

I don't know what kind of sandwich this was

Chicken with mushrooms and bak choy

Curry chicken for Paul

Basically chow mein with a fried egg on top

Meat and cheese sandwich for Paul

We ordered the special of the night - grilled tuna with pasty mashed potatoes - it was gross

Paul got curry chicken for dinner again

This pepes was not very good

Pancake for Paul's breakfast

Chicken with fried rice under there

Paul's terrible Caesar salad

Paul's last meal in Indonesia - burger and fries!

My last meal...creme brulee and ice cream!

3. Australia - meal highlights during our 3 week stay

Nacho taco and some other special taco in Sydney (Kings Cross)

Paul's $10 steak in Kings Cross

Greek salad with chicken at CQ cafe at the Circular Quay - best salad we had!

Chicken and mushroom pie at Canberra 

Yummy capuccino at 5 Boroughs 

5 Boroughs...Probably the only nice cafe in Sydney that we found

Breakfast sandwich from 5 Boroughs 

Lime and mango sorbet

Salt and pepper squid in at Murray's Brewery in Manly

Pie Face pie!

First $3 meal - veggie pasta 

Another $3 meal...Thai red coconut curry in a pumpkin sauce with rice

Some wine in Melbourne

Trio of dips with pita

Yummy pork bahn mi (Mr. Bun Mee) from Roll'd - favorite place to eat in Melbourne!

Roll'd - we came here 3 times while we were in Melbourne

Pho (Uncle Pho)

Risotto while in Melbourne

Steak for Paul again...

Arancini balls with porcini mushrooms

Close up shot - YUM!

Zucchini flowers stuffed with mint yoghurt, caponata and aioli

Ribeye with sauteed mushrooms

Big Breakfast - poached eggs, bacon and hashbrowns 

Ok, favorite lunch during wine tour in Adelaide - platter of cured meats, cheese, olives, pickles, bread

We splurged for a dinner at A Hereford Beefstouw in Adelaide


And more mmmeeaaat

Vegetarian breakfast in Adelaide

Mexican in Perth - basically a Chipotle burrito bowl

On our trip to Manly we had some pretty good crepes

This was Paul's crepe

And, our favorite for $20...our last meal in Australia

2. New Zealand - meal highlights during our 4 week stay

This post is long overdue! It was pretty hard to find balanced meals (maybe we weren't looking in the right place) so you'll see a lot of meat with an occasional salad. By the time we were able to find a place that had a decent salad, it was most likely the same day we hiked a lot. The meals not pictured here were the fast food ones (it's just easier when you're on the road) and when we cooked for ourselves. Yes, we did that too! You'll also see that Paul didn't have a lot of variety due to finding out the many things he is allergic to right before we left for this trip.

Burger with pickled beets, onions, tomoatoes, cheese and bacon in Thames 

Salt and Pepper Calamari in Paihia @ Alfresco's

Pumpkin soup
Paul had the lamb at The Waterfront Restaurant & Bar in Paihia

I had the sirloin with asparagus and mashed potatoes

Roaring Meg Pinot Noir for Paul's birthday dinner at Urbano Bistro

At Urbano Bistro...more meat with veggies and a croquette

Happy Birthday meal Paul! He had a steak (surprise, surprise)

Breakfast at Sandi's B&B - egg with bacon and sauteed mushrooms over toast

Hangi and corn on the cob at Whaka Village

Lamb entree with roasted veggies in a red wine jus in Rotorua

Mushroom risotto in Rotorua

Cooking meat on a stonegrill @ Stonegrill in Taupo

Meat trio at Stonegrill

Kebab in Wanganui

At Sweet Mother's Kitchen in Wellington - Chicken with mushrooms

The food got a lot better once we got to the South Island.

Fish (not beer battered!) and Chips at Seabreeze in Picton

Falafel at The Free House in Nelson

Combo meat pie with Ginger Beer and Chips

mmmmm - meat pie

Risotto balls at The Last Kitchen in Fox Glacier

Salmon with risotto, bak choy and hollandaise at The Last Kitchen

Ribeye with roasted veggies 

Biggest burger ever from Fergburger

We shared one burger and it was very filling

Penne with mushrooms, red peppers and parmesean in Queenstown

Spaghetti bolognese at Farelli's in Queenstown

Pork belly at The Fat Duck in Te Anau

Venison in a merlot jus with veggies at The Fat Duck in Te Anau

Favorite meal in New Zealand! Warm Chicken & Cashew Salad - Chicken fillet pan-fried with celery, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and roasted cashews served on Cos & iceberg lettuce with Ranch dressing. At The Ranch in Te Anau.

Roasted lamb with veggies and mint jelly at The Ranch in Te Anau

Best dessert - Sticky Date Pudding!

Chicken Tandoori filo with roasted veggies at Arthur's Cafe in Timaru

Ham and Cheese pie with chicken and mushroom pasta at Arthur's Cafe in Timaru

The best place by far that we ate was in Christchurch...We had a total of 4 meals at Holy Smoke.

Holy Smoke, this place was good!

Bitterballen - Traditional Dutch bites of smoked salmon + parsley with Dijon mayo at Holy Smoke in Christchurch

Close up shot of the Bitterballen

Chicken Leg Manuka Smoked on warm salad of new potatoes, beans, aubergine, red peppers, capers, vinaigrette at Holy Smoke in Christchurch

Fresh bread with hummus

Salmon special - mediterranean style with roasted veggies

Flinstone with bone in, side of onions and potato wedges - Paul's favorite!

Breakfast...waffles with bacon and bananas

Poached eggs with bacon over toast

Best hash browns ever!

Ribeye steak with roasted garlic and potato wedges - delicious!

Venison with roasted garlic and potato wedges

1. Fiji - a few meals from our 5 day stay

Lunch in Sigatoka; chicken and onion, broth, salad and rice
BBQ lunch on Seaspray; kabob, lamb sausage, walu fish, salads, rice, and fruit

Dinner at Coralview; vegetable and beef curry with roti and salad
Lunch at Coralview; spaghetti bolognese, salad (with pickles), coconut spinach, and curried pumpkin (yum!)
Last dinner at V (restaurant at Sofitel); Pacific Mahi Mahi, cauliflower puree, herbed croquettes (best meal!)
Paul's last dinner at V; grilled rib eye angus, fried shallots, potato mash and jus


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    1. I haven't posted them yet...just posted Singapore and Malaysia tonight!

  3. Thank you for the Beerlao shirt, I love it! Since I can't drink beer or eat tasty, meaty food anymore, I'll have to do the next best thing and lick the computer monitor. Mmmmmm..T-Bone Steak..ahhhhhhhhgggg...

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    1. Hey Manny - you're welcome for the shirt. I'm a bit behind in posting our meals but I'll get to it soon...hopefully. Don't worry, Paul can't drink beer either so sometimes when he wants me to try the beer in a country, I'll breathe on him or he'll sniff the beer.


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