Friday, March 1, 2013

Sydney - Day 1

We stayed in Sydney for 5 nights at the dirtiest hostel we have encountered to date. The Funk House, so appropriately named, was super funky - looking and smelling.

I like the friendly lady to the right of the Funk House getting her smoke on

After our arrival on Saturday, we settled in by walking around the neighborhood. Had I done more research, I would have known that Kings Cross is pretty much the red light district of Sydney. It's a bit of Vegas meets Lower East Side but a lot dirtier. Since the weather was humid, gloomy and rainy, we didn't explore too much and holed ourselves into our non air conditioned, trapezoidal, tiny room. 

Paul enjoying our fantastic view...

...of this

Karen, I took these photos for you...although I'm sure I would have been compelled to anyway to prove the existence of such a place. If only I could share how the place smelled through this blog. Paul's description of the men's bathroom almost made me want to puke and I think he wanted to puke every morning he subjected himself to the stink. 

Stairs leading up to the hot, stinky chambers

Walking the halls of the Funk House


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