Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainforest, Waterfalls, and Paronella Park

March 2: There are a ton of day trips / tours to choose from and since we didn't want a super long day, we opted for a tour of the tablelands, southwest of Cairns. It was a bit overcast but we got to see some great views and some different wildlife.

Overlooking the tropical rainforest

At Heales Lookout 

We took a cruise around Lake Barrine and saw a lot of different wildlife

Eurasian Coot

Snapping turtles

Up close and personal with another water dragon

He was looking for food

Ulysses Butterfly

We also stopped by a huge curtain fig tree and a waterfall.

Paul is saying, "yup, it's a big tree behind me"

Millaa Millaa Falls

Side view of Millaa Millaa Falls

We also got a tour of Paronella Park, a 13-acre park built by a Spaniard. Jose Paronella moved to Australia and saved for 11 years before purchasing land to build his dream castle. After 6 years of building, he opened Paronella Park to the public in 1935.

The Castle

The Grand Staircase has 47 steps

In the tennis courts looking at the Lower Refreshment Room

The Great Kauri Avenue

Paul lost in the Bamboo Forest

Mena Creek Falls

Our last stop where pretty much everyone (but us) swam was The Boulders.

The water was super clear

Beautiful creek


  1. Paronella Park looks really cool! what was the inside like?

    1. Sasch, there wasn't a lot of an inside - the castle was just a shell of a building since he built it himself with local materials that wasn't able to sustain over time. But, you would have liked it because he built his own hydroelectric power plant that was able to power the entire facility!

  2. Some of those photos look like Lost!

    1. You're right, it kind of does! Good thing we weren't actually lost.


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