Monday, March 4, 2013

Trip to the Blue Mountains and then some

On February 26, we booked another tour to see the Blue Mountains along with the infamous Three Sisters, some kangaroos and koalas at a wildlife park, and an aboriginal dance. It was another tiring but fun day.

Our first stop was the wildlife park I was excited to get up close and personal to a koala.

I got to pet the koala!

Paul wasn't as excited to get close to it

Fun fact about kangaroos...male kangaroos need to lick the female kangaroo's urine to make sure they are ready to mate. Paul calls this checking the oil.

This kangaroo doesn't seem interested in checking anyone's oil

Wallaroo begging for food

The Tawny Frogmouth let us pet him - he was super soft

Wallaby with her joey sticking out

Black headed python

We then headed to Jamison Valley to see the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains - on a sunny day, the reflection of the eucalyptus make the mountains look blue

The Three Sisters
Katoomba Falls

Next stop was to see a traditional aboriginal dance...Fun fact about the didgeridoo - natives wouldn't actually carve a hole through the wood - they waited for termites to make it hollow.

Making music with the didgeridoo

Paul wasn't really interested in posing with these guys

Before getting on a ferry to head back to Sydney, we stopped at Flat Rock.

View from Flat Rock

Close up of sandstone at Flat Rock

Another evening shot of St. Mary's Cathedral


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