Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bye Bye Cairns and Hello Melbourne

On March 4 we spent our last day in Cairns walking around and doing laundry. Not too exciting...we were looking forward to getting to Melbourne the next day.

The Esplanade pool...would have been refreshing to dip into...

This is why they built the Esplanade pool - there really isn't a beach in Cairns

On March 5, flew to Melbourne - a short 3ish hour flight (the latest two episodes of Walking Dead helped) and we were finally in comfortable sunny weather. Paul and I like Melbourne the best of the three cities we've visited in Australia. We still have Adelaide and Perth to go but I'll put my money on Melbourne still being the favorite.

I won't lie, I wasn't too sad to say farewell to Cairns

We're staying at another Nomads hostel and some of the reviews had this place rated LOWER than the Funk House so boy, was I worried. But thankfully it is decent, and clean! We even participated in Trivia Night our first night here.

This is the scene of trivia night at Nomads Melbourne

Our answer sheet; and yes, our team name is Tango and Cash!

The only fatal mistake we made was eating at a restaurant in one of the infamous alley ways where the host was way too aggressive. It was like Miami in that way but Paul and I were starving and we made a bad choice. Paul says I overreacted a little but I basically didn't eat the entree. It eventually came (after a really long time) but I sent the steak back, saying it was over done (I ordered it medium rare and I claimed it was medium well because it was very difficult to cut). The bottle of wine we consumed before dinner may (or may not) have had anything to do with it.


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