Monday, March 25, 2013

Gili Trawangan

On March 22 we took a boat to another island - Gili Trawangan. We spent 3 nights here with the hopes of getting better sleep. Our stay in Senggigi was a little rough without air conditioning in a room that was about a bazillion degrees. We splurged to stay in a nicer place on the island.

The main thing to do while on Gili Trawangan (actually, on any of the three Gili islands) is to get scuba certified...which we did not do. It takes 3 days but we arrived just around Noon after a scary boat ride from Senggigi and just wanted some time to relax.

Here we are, waiting for one of these boats to take us to Gili Trawangan

We almost considered not getting on the boat because it was going to be overloaded

But took the chance despite our better judgement and survived

After making it to Gili, we found our hotel and our room...and what a great room it was!

Paul likes the flowers on the bed

So much space but more importantly - an AC unit! 

Nice big bathroom too!
Only negative was that it lacked the flush-o-matic 5000

On March 23, we decided to walk around the island a bit.

Looking towards Gili Meno

Also looking toward Gili Meno

These horse carts were everywhere but cost way too much so we didn't ride them

Mountains in the background are on Lombok

Paul was giving a disapproving look at the dirty beach water...nope, we did not go in 

On March 24, we decided to walk in the opposite direction for a couple hours...

Paul found a statue he didn't like

We found more pretty beaches that we didn't swim in

It was super hot...good thing we took this picture before I started sweating like crazy

It was a lot quieter on this side of the island...kind of wished that we stayed over here

Locals riding bikes

We found this cool place to hang out for a bit

At dusk we were able to see the mountains on Lombok

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