Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Shots of the Week - Australia (2/23-3/2)

One of many decorated doors at the Funk House 
Yes, Harry Pothead

This was the door art to our lovely room

Sonic was even there! 

Paul sneaking around and hiding from me

This little boy was lost

Funky tree in the Botanic Garden

Paul unsuccessfully trying to get into this secret door

Australia does not allow cigarette branding - these are what the packets look like

Koala came out of nowhere!

Argyle Stairs
Leaving the Funk House...this is how we look with all our bags

Pretty flower

Pacific ducks racing in Lake Barrine


Bull kauris over 45 meters tall!


  1. Good grief. I can't believe you didn't run screaming from the Funk House as soon as you walked in!!!


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