Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last stop in Australia - Perth...and Fremantle

On March 13, we headed to Perth in Western Australia, our last stop in Australia. With the broken phone, I was glad we were going to be in a big city since there was an Apple Store. My sister, Lil, was kind enough to call Apple in the States for me and they told her I could pay $199 for a replacement at any Apple Store worldwide. Well, that customer service rep was wrong. We spent about 3 hours at the store as the reps tried to figure something out. In the end we were told I could not get a replacement in any other country except the U.S. (iPhones are built for each specific country's broadband service) and that it is impossible to get a hold of the U.S. Apple Care from Australia (you can't call 800 numbers from outside the U.S.).

So, I will keep the broken phone for awhile until I ship it to my sister who will replace it for me and then ship it back to my mom's in Taiwan for me to pick up in June. Complicated but in theory, it should work. I'm actually already getting used to the cracked screen - almost looks like a design!

We didn't get much of a chance to walk around that day since the focus was the phone. But the next day on March 14, we had big plans to go to Rottnest Island where they have a great beach. But there were thunderstorms, lightning and rain all day so we stayed closer to the hostel for meals and stopped by the state public library.

Heading out to find some lunch

The city skyline looked ominous as we ventured out again for dinner

And on Friday, March 15, our last day in Australia, we headed towards the ferries. On the way, we saw the Bell Tower, one of the world's largest musical instruments.

Save the Bell Tower!

Not knowing when the ferries leave for Rottnest Island, we showed up around 9am so naturally just missed the 8:45am ferry. We were suckered into taking a ferry to Fremantle instead.

Watching jellyfish as we waited for our boat to leave

The Perth city skyline from the ferry

Where the billionaires of Perth live - this is all one property!
During the ferry ride, we made a point to note the Fremantle attractions not to miss

#1 Post Office, check!

This is the Wesleyan Church of Fremantle - not on the list but think it should be!

Door of the Wesleyan Church

#2 Town Hall - check!

#4 Fremantle Rail Station - check!

#17 statue of scuba Steve for Paul to punch - check!

We headed back on the Golden Sun ferry after a quick lunch.

On the boat

Back in Perth, we were on a mission to finish running our errands before we left for Bali the next day.

Errand #1 - find another statue for Paul to punch

He's getting real creative with the kind of punches - I like the little kid watching
Bye Bye Australia


  1. A country full of El Caminos and mullets? It's like jumping in the way-back machine and visiting 1979. It's the year when the golden age of western civilization peaked and rolled back, leaving behind the putrid waste of synth bands like Cabaret Voltaire and leg warmers. Please tell me the women have feathered hair.

    1. You would love it there - your VW van would fit in perfectly.

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