Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bali: Ubud and Padang Bai

On March 18 we spent another day in Ubud walking around a different area and discovered the various markets we missed the first day.

Typical shop along the street

Lots of bikes
Another shop full of souvenirs for tourists to buy
The women carry everything on their heads

Rice field
Street food

On the 19th, we headed to Padang Bai for one night - a stop over before taking a boat to the next island, Lombok. I should have mentioned earlier that Indonesia consists of about 17,000-20,000 islands...and we're only visiting 3!

The view from our room for one night at The Lemon House

Putting offerings out; yes, those are the stairs we had to climb with our packs on

Padang Bai port

Selling sarongs

Beach along Padang Bai

Walking around and searching for the Blue Lagoon

We found this place, called the Bloo Lagoon...stopped in to have a coconut water

Wild monkey in the tree
Refreshing coconut water
We finally found the Blue Lagoon (not where they filmed the movie, that's in Fiji)
This was rated a great place by Trip Advisor - Paul is questioning that review


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