Wednesday, March 6, 2013


On February 27, we finally got blue skies in Sydney. We had heard that we should visit Manly, a town that is an easy 30 minute ferry ride away so we walked over towards the circular quay. Of course, with such a nice day, I couldn't resist taking more pictures of St. Mary's Cathedral. And this time, we actually went inside. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but take my word for it, the architecture was amazing.

Finally blue skies for a nice reflection shot of the cathedral

St. Mary's doors

PJPII was hanging out by the cathedral

Paul couldn't very well do his usual so he gave PJPII a high five instead

A different view of the cathedral

As we continued towards the circular quay, we stopped by Il Porcellino.

Il Porcellino

Legend says that if donations are put into the box and you rub the nose of the boar, you will be endowed with good fortune. We found a $2 coin the other day so we decided that Paul should give it a try.

Paul rubbing the boar's nose and making a wish - he said he made two wishes since we donated $2

The wishes probably won't come true because he did this

We finally made it to the ferry.

The view of the city and opera house from the ferry

Along the ride, a cool lighthouse

We arrived in at the Manly Wharf (in Manly Cove) and then walked down the Corso (main street) and headed to Manly Beach. Manly Cove was named by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 for the 'confident and manly' behavior of the local Kay-ye-my Aboriginal people.

Approaching Manly Wharf (not the guy from Star Trek TNG)

Manly Beach

To the left is Manly Beach and to the right is ShellyBeach

Paul sees something but he didn't say something

We ran into a water dragon walking around the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve

Looking towards the Tasman Sea

We headed back to Sydney but stopped off to check out the view from Observatory Hill. We had such a great day!

Sydney Harbour Bridge with The Garrison Church in the foreground

And of course, couldn't resist a night shot of St. Mary's


  1. I love your photos, but mostly because they inspire such fun captions. I blow through a ton of email every day, some of it unopened, but THESE I read and savor. I had no sympathy for the complaints about hot weather, though, when warm seems still so far away here! Can't wait to see the next post!

    1. Hi Jane! I'm so glad you like the posts and the photos - I sift through tons that I take to pick the best! You're right, I shouldn't complain about the hot and muggy weather when our friends at home are suffering through winter storms. But think about how sticky you feel during a NY summer...that's how Sydney felt and just multiply the intensity for Cairns (without air conditioning)!

  2. John will be disappointed that Paul did not do the "usual" statue assault on the PJPII...

    1. When I asked Paul why he felt like he couldn't punch PJPII like the others, his response was, "I'm not a monster!"


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