Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Amazon part 2

On December 20 we headed to Presidente Figueiredo - an area popular to walk in the jungle, see waterfalls and caves.

Driving by the Manaus stadium still under construction for the World Cup


I think this is in reference to the 10 commandments?

The waterfalls of Santuario

Shutter speed makes a difference in making the water milky

This is an even slower shutter speed...I like how milky it looks!

A close up of "the lady" statue as our guide called it

Pretty dragonfly

The color of the water comes from the tannins in the leaves

My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump

It's reddish-brown...can you see the fish?

Looked like a mini iceberg but it's foam from the waterfalls

This flows into the Rio Negro

I spy a lizard

Slithering away

In mid can see the palms of his hands

Large ant carrying a blade of grass

This ant was carrying a piece of a leaf

Can you see it?

The ants were biting off parts of this leaf and carrying it away

Pretty butterfly

Another waterfall

Another ant carrying a blade of grass

It almost looks like a spider

Just like tea!

Before leaving I got a close up of "the lady," Santa Clara


We then headed to the town of Urubui.

This guy is ripped

Rio Urubui

That is the river, over there

Jesus stopped us from eating at this place - thanks Jesus!

Buzzzzz - this bee was enjoying some Coke in the bottle cap

After lunch, we headed for a walk in the jungle to see some cool caves at geosite #8. Kind of like mambo #5.


More vines

Pretty green

Always creeping behind me

Entrance to the cave - it used to be home to an indigenous tribe

We had to take our shoes and socks off to walk in this dirty cave

It is now home to bats

Lots of them. One almost ran into my face.

This looks like a face...the cave is made up of compressed sand

Which is why we went inside

More bats

Paul is anxious to get out of the cave - he thinks there are sand fleas

Leaving the cave

Still walking in shin-high water...Paul is checking to make sure I didn't fall
while taking this photo

We spotted a bird sitting on her nest

I think this is when I almost fell - Paul is mad


This is the other end of the cave - we had to walk around it because the inside had collapsed

More huge ants

Looking for things to carry

On top of the cave

Mini waterfall


I've never had jackfruit before

It's kind of like a mango but a bit sour

After an hour, we were back in Manaus to admire the Christmas tree


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