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Namibia Part 2: Etosha National Park

On November 12 we headed out on our 6 day Namibian Highlights tour. Our first stop was Etosha National Park which took about 4-5 hours to get to from Windhoek. Oh and by the way, South African Airlines delivered Paul's luggage in the afternoon of November 11 so thankfully he didn't have to wear the same outfit for 6 nights. That would have been a hazard to everyone on the tour with us.

The Chameleon bus

Our EXTREME travel group included new friends from Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and South Africa - can you see me? (photo courtesy of Chameleon Safaris)

Yay, we made it!

We immediately spotted some giraffes

So majestic

I think he's trying to hide from me

I really like this photo because of the juxtaposition

Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh...near the village, the peaceful village, the lion sleeps tonight!

The zebras in Namibia are different than the ones in Tanzania - they have a brown stripe/tint to them

Pretty landscape

The open land

We went to Reit Fontain waterhole and saw an elephant drinking some water

There were ostriches hanging near by as well

I think I heard the ostriches repeatedly saying, "there's no place like home."

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It was just amazing

As you can see, I did not get tired of taking photos of this scene

I thought it was cute when the elephant kicked its leg up

Back to the lion - he was just laying around - it was hot

The next waterhole we saw a black rhinoceros - the only one of the "big 5" that we didn't see in Tanzania!

Hello Mr. Rhino

Here's a better view of its horns

He really didn't do anything interesting

Except everyone got excited when he turned the other way...ok, maybe just me.

He eventually got tired of getting his photo taken so turned his backside to us

A female and male ostrich was also at this waterhole

That was the end of rhino pictures...

A line of zebras

And, one marking his territory

More open land - can you tell I like these shots?

The sky was just so unreal

Excited to be in the bus looking for animals

Blue wildebeest resting in some shade

A bunch of blue wildebeest squeezing in for some shade

Close up of the beests - the wildebeest

Nose lickin' good

Last shot of an elephant before heading back to camp

Our guide, Francois preparing our dinner

Beautiful sunset colors

Bye sun, until tomorrow...

Francois and our driver, Frans cooking up a storm for us!

After dinner, a group of us headed to the Moringa waterhole which is within walking distance from our rooms. It has a nice seating area for folks to just sit and wait for animals to wander by. I only had my iPhone with me so the photos are a bit grainy - especially since it was fairly dark.

About 20 elephants were hanging out at the waterhole

There was one that was chasing away a hyena

And there were some doing some funny business

The next morning we continued the search for animals in Etosha. As if we missed getting up at 4:30am we had the idea in our heads that we might see more animals or see a kill at the waterhole if we were at the waterhole before sunrise. So yeah, we got up at 4:30am.

No luck. Just a jackal scampering about...

So we went back to our room to rest our eyes before starting another full day with the group.

Beautiful sunrise colors though as we drove to the Etosha Pan

The most photographed tree in Etosha National Park

We spotted a spotted hyena

Look at how it drags its legs as it runs

The Etosha Pan

We were allowed to get out so Paul made a run for it

The Etosha Pan as far as the eye can see

Holding mini-Paul in the palm of my hand - big thanks to our new friend Matt from Australia for taking this picture!

And this one...I was trying to squeeze my mini-Paul

With our new friend, Matt

We were all supposed to do blue steel but I was late by a few seconds

I'm doing it here

Another group photo!

We hopped back on the bus to search for more animals!

Another giraffe

I think this one is a female even though I can't really tell

Whenever I saw them walking I would just hear, "From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun..."

Before lunch we stopped by Moringa waterhole again and saw this kudu

I love the reflection

One of my favorite photos

He hears something

It's a herd of elephants - first an adult with a baby elephant

Then a bunch come running towards the water

They are thirsty

And hot so they splash themselves

You see a couple of them playing by crossing trunks


After lunch we went to Okaukuejo waterhole - as you can see a storm was a coming

One lonely elephant hanging out - this is the last photo I snapped before it started pouring!

Back in the bus and on our way to our permanent tent set up, we saw a tagged hyena

Francois also picked up a friend to show us

This is a leopard tortoise

Our permanent tent accommodations - I really liked it!

My kind of camping

Bathroom / shower were outside

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