Sunday, December 22, 2013

São Paulo, Brazil

We arrived in São Paulo on Friday, December 13 and stayed for 5 nights but we probably could have only stayed for 3. There really wasn't too much to see and add on the fact that everything we read said it's not safe to bring anything with you while walking around (because it's more than likely one will get robbed), we weren't too motivated to explore. Paul didn't let me bring my purse when we walked around on Saturday, December 14. We only brought my iPhone but he didn't let me bring it out to take any photos. We were casing the place - making sure it was safe. And because we stayed close to the busy area, Avenida Paulista (where there are cops walking up and down the street), it was safe. But because I wasn't allowed to take photos the first day, I missed out on a placed called Farto. Now you will all just think I'm making it up. But I'm not. It was actually a pharmacy.

Hello Brazil, country #23!

After a couple hours of walking along Av. Paulista, when Paul wasn't looking,
I took my chances and snapped this photo

The next day, I was allowed to take photos

Feliz Natal Sao Paulo! 

We walked by this market a few times

The infamous Avenida Paulista

We went to a couple malls - there was a choir singing here

On December 15 we decided to walk to Ibirapuera park and passed by this flag monument known as Monumento
as (Antonio) Bandeiras

The park was pretty - it's like Central Park - but not really

There was some type of fountain show

Not really like the Bellagio fountains but close

This statue looked cool despite the graffiti but there were people
crawling all over it so I don't know who the statue is of...

Since the hostel we were staying at was not our cup of tea, we spent most of our time
at our coffee town, aka Starbucks, which is quite pricey!

I found a photo of Farto online! You can find anything on the internet.

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