Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Namibia Part 3: Tribes, Skeleton Coast, Swakopmund and Desert Camp

On November 14, we drove towards the Atlantic Ocean and met a few tribes along the way.

Herero woman wearing traditional Victorian dresses

They were selling things like rocks, branches, and used cell phones

The kids were friendly although one put his hand in my pocket...

They had fun while Paul threw them around

They were a little grimy but still cute

They set up shop along the road

Can you see the tire with "David Becham" written on it? Not sure what that means.

Driving along there were a bunch of different shops

Folks just selling their arts and crafts

The Damara people set up their arts and crafts for sale while we had lunch under a tree

Cleaning up after lunch and having watermelon for dessert

Yum - Paul likes watermelon

Some negotiating and sales going on over there

Traditional Himba woman with her child

I bought a bracelet from her...a bit overpriced but she wouldn't budge. She pointed at her kid to justify the higher price.

After a brief visit with the Himbi people we kept driving

We arrived at the Skeleton Coast

And checked out the shipwreck

We finally see the Atlantic Ocean after almost 1 year!

The water is EXTREMELY cold

And it was windy as well

Angolan shipwreck

Francois was getting into taking photos and instructed us to pose like this

What a view!

Walking to dinner in Swakopmund

On November 15, we had some free time before another long drive. We opted not to participate in any activities and just hung out at our hotel and walked around a bit.

Walking along the pier

We spotted a sleeping seal

The Atlantic is pretty

Only about 7,000 miles to New York City!

After a morning of wandering around Swakopmund, the group headed out to Desert Camp.

We passed by some flamingoes

And a lot of sand dunes

It was just more open land

We stopped along the way

This was the toilet on the side of the road but Paul opted to use a tree out in the distance

We continued driving towards the Tropic of Capricorn

It was a bumpy road


Paul was excited to cross the Tropic of Capricorn


Hello, hello

I enjoyed taking photos of the mountains and desert


Close up of windmill and some wildebeest

Yay, we made it to Desert Camp!

Nice tent!

Again, my kind of camping!

The view was just simply amazing

As the sun set, the colors kept changing so hopefully you'll understand why I'm posting so many shots

This was our view as we sat at the bar at Desert Camp

One of our new friends took a photo for us

The changing colors are apparent in this shot and the following two

Just doesn't even seem real

The sky is purple

And at night, I got a good picture of the stars - this is facing the opposite direction near our tent


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