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South Africa Part 2: Garden Route continued

We continued along the Garden Route on November 22 and drove to Knysna with a stop at Wilderness for photos of the beach and ocean.

Along the drive I saw this church with pretty jacarandas

We stopped at Wilderness to see some great views

The Scottish couple we were traveling with took a photo for us

"You understand all those clicks and whistles?"


Looks like a Black and Tan

Another view of the beach with the bridge


Knysna Waterfront Quays

It was a quaint little area but a bit overpriced (which I guess should be expected)

We stayed the night in Knysna and the next morning on November 23 we checked out some great views of Knysna Heads and drove to Tsitsikamma Coastal Park.

Beautiful view


You can see some caves

We then headed to Tsitsikamma where we walked to the Suspension Bridge at Storms River Mouth on a boardwalk through the indigenous forests. We saw a Southern Right whale along the way too!

Paul is creeping behind me

Southern Right Whale

Walking along the boardwalk and enjoying the pretty view

Suspension Bridge



Staring off into the middle distance

This bridge felt more sturdy than the one at Abel Tasman Park in New Zealand

See, he's always looking for something

Mouth of the Storms River

Creeping up on Mustache Kitty

Waves crashing

Mama dassie and baby dassies

It's like a rat but I learned that the dassies that live on Table Mountain are the closest living relative to the African elephant!

"It always feels like, somebody's watching me..."

Just hanging out by the water and nursing some babies

I think he's still watching them...

Another (or maybe the same) Southern Right Whale

Tail flipping

I like this shot of the wave and a different shot of the whale's tail - the other side is white!

After a light lunch we drove by Bloukrans Bridge - the highest road bridge in the Southern Hemisphere, the highest single span concrete arch bridge in the world, and home of the highest commercial bungy jump in the world at 216 meters (709 feet). I really wanted to do this jump but as you can see, it was a bit of a distance and it was going to take some time. Being that I was the only one quasi-interested (and I'll admit, a little scared), it was easier to skip this jump. But I can only imagine how awesome it would have been. My jump Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand was only 43 meters - which seems like nothing when compared to 216 meters! Maybe the next time we're in South Africa...

Look how tiny that big rig looks on the bridge

The bungy set up in the middle of the bridge

It could have been me...

We ended the night with a nice dinner at the Waterfront

The next morning on November 24, we left Knysna and headed to Arniston. We stopped by Mossel Bay and visited the Dias (Maritime) Museum.

Mossel Bay

This is the skeleton of a whale

Under the 500 year old post office tree that served as a mailbox to the Portuguese visitors in the 16th century

Entrance to the Dias (Maritime) Museum

The Bartolomeu Dias caravel- a replica of the real thing used in 1488 to sail around the southern most tip of Africa; this replica was actually used to sail the same route (from Lisbon to Mossel Bay) for the 500 year anniversary in 1988

It's a boat

Good lighting

See, again, what is Paul looking for?

Pirate Paul

Cozy quarters


I know everyone's been wondering when this would start again. It just did.

Mailing some post cards from the 500 year old post tree boot

We made it to Arniston

The view from our room

I loved this room at the Arniston Hotel

We took a short walk - it was too windy to stay out

Ha ha ha, he is totally lifting it

So pretty and peaceful

On November 25, we headed back to Cape Town but along the way, stopped at Cape Agulhas, the southern most tip of Africa.

There is debate about where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet - here at Cape Agulhas or at Cape Point

Either way, we were at the southern most tip of Africa!

Paul enjoyed exploring

Always posing for me

Enjoying the foggy but humid weather

Looking towards the lighthouse

We are the southern most people in Africa right now!

Driving back to Cape Town

Picturesque farms

Pretty church on a hill

We stopped in Hermanus for some photos and lunch

Kelp beds

Driving along the coast reminded us of the Pacific Coast Highway in California

Empty road

Gorgeous day

Another panoramic

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