Wednesday, December 18, 2013

South Africa Part 6: Table Mountain

On December 4 the weather was finally decent enough for us to go up to Table Mountain which is considered one of the new 7 wonders of nature.

We took a cab up from our hostel which cost 50 ZAR we were told it shouldn't cost more than 60 so I was glad we weren't getting ripped off - at least on the way up...

Taking the cable car up

Hooter. Ha.

The view from up high

A little foggy

And cold



Paul wanted a picture with this bird

It was only a little windy. Paul didn't need to hold onto his hat.

Dassie of Table Mountain

Look to the right

Now look up like you see something

The dassie looks tiny in the corner!

Another one of the dassie and view

Bird is the word


Just a slightly different perspective

It almost looks like dusted snow on these rocks but we think it's lichens

I'm not sure if you can see the photo shoot I was trying to capture. It's totally OK for you to climb on these rocks and kill any kind of life on them. 

That's Robben Island out there...and that toilet bowl looking thing is the Cape Town Stadium

The view on the way down

Lion's Head

The view from the bottom of Table Mountain

So, finding a taxi to take you down the mountain who won't rip you off is probably impossible. Even if you ask for them to use the meter, it doesn't matter. The meter is rigged. We learned this the hard way. We should have known though because the taxi we took back to Cape Town from watching Dave Matthews Band was totally rigged. It had only cost us about 160 Rand (in traffic) to Grand West Casino. The taxi we got on the way back was increasing by the millisecond and we ended up paying 210 Rand. Anyway, I digress...the taxi we found to take us down Table Mountain had the same type of meter and when Paul asked why it was going to so fast and that we only paid 50 coming up the mountain, the driver really couldn't say much. We asked him to drop us off when the meter hit 60 Rand and we walked the rest of the way because at the rate we were going, we would have ended up paying double. So yeah, that was our little trip up to Table Mountain.

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