Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Namibia Part 5: Cheetah tracking and departure

On November 17, our last day of the safari, we drove back to Windhoek. On our way there, we stopped in Solitaire, a small town with a population of 92. We met up with a biologist from the Namib Conservation Centre to track some cheetahs.

Pretty bird at Desert Camp

Driving to Solitaire

Passing by some wildebeest

Population 92!

Why hello, Southern Masked Weaver (aka juvenile Namibian yellow attack bird)

Here it is flying into a nest


Action shot

Hanging on a branch

Ready to fly in

Made it!

Spartacus found us first so I got some good photos of him before we set off to track the other cheetahs.

Spartacus wanted to know what we were up to

He was very weary of us

Not too thrilled

I loved taking photos of him though

Looking off into the middle distance

Still staring us down

He eventually got tired and sat down

But would make funny faces at us

He's wishing he had some Cheetos right about now


Mmmmmmm Cheetos

Muggin' it

He was just yawning

We then went to find some more cheetahs...tracking paw prints. We lost them for a bit but
Paul licked some grass and picked up their scent again. He's really learned a lot during our safaris. 

We found Rusty

She is 4 years old

Rusty (walking)  hunts with her mom, Laura (sitting),  who is 11 years old

Pretty cats

The two were quite annoyed with us so we let them walk off into the distance

After arriving in Windhoek, we had dinner with the remainder of the group one last time before everyone parted ways. We went to Joe's Beer House where they served some pretty good food!

At Joe's Beer House - skulls of a wildebeest, kudu, and oryx

We left Namibia for Cape Town, South Africa on November 19.

Paul was shedding a tear when we left Windhoek

Bye Namibia - we'll miss you and your delicious meats!


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