Monday, December 16, 2013

South Africa Part 4: Hout Bay-Cape Point-Boulders-Kirstenbosch-DMB

On December 1 as we headed towards Cape Point, we stopped at Hout Bay for a boat ride to see some stinky Cape fur seals.

Hout Bay

Duiker Island

Some closer shots of the seals

There are a bunch of them swimming in the water

Why, hello

It reminded me of the sea lions laying around at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

They were everywhere

These look fuzzier

Trying to get as much sun as possible

I don't know what kind of fights these guys get into but that blood is just going to lead the sharks to them

Some pups

Look at them all in the water

I think this one is modeling for it!

Back to the harbor

We then headed towards Cape Point (which is part of Table Mountain National Park) 

The drive was very scenic

Cape Point

It was kind of windy

Be careful!

See, we made it!

Can you tell it is windy?

Who took this picture?

Different colors in the water

Lighthouse up there

Even the birds had trouble flying in this wind

Hold onto your hats!

Looking down was a little scary


This was a high risk maneuver for Paul considering he could have lost his hat to the wind

We then walked up to the lighthouse - it was even windier up there

Look at my hair!

On our way to Simon's Town for lunch

And after lunch, we walked over to Boulders to see some African Penguins

This sign is for Paul. He wants to touch them.

I think he actually wants to eat them

A lot of them are molting - that's why they look so fuzzy

With the penguins

And here are a series of photos of penguins...

Bye penguins!

We then headed to the last stop of the day, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

It's a large botanical garden...too big to see everything

It was very pretty

Some ducks - this duckling got lost

Pretty tree...I can't remember the name. I thought I took a picture of the sign. Ugh.

Tufted pincushion protea

On Sundays they have concerts here so it was starting to get quite busy

Very relaxing

Duck came to say goodbye

We had heard from our new friend Charlotte whom we met on our Namibia tour with Chameleon Safaris that Dave Matthews Band was playing in South Africa for the first time. Dave Matthews was actually born in South Africa so it was a big deal. I like his music (I'll admit, I only really recognized one of his songs) and have never been to one of his concerts so we went. The concert was held at the Grand West Arena. It was a good show!

Every place we went in South Africa was always at our own risk

Pretty lights

We think that we sat next to Dave Matthews' parents...

We opted for seats because we didn't feel like standing the entire time


Our eyes look scary



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