Wednesday, December 18, 2013

South Africa Part 7: Betty's Bay - Gordon's Bay - Bloubergstrand

On December 5, we picked up our rental car and headed towards Gordon's Bay. We took a detour to Betty's Bay first to see some more (stinky) African penguins.

Driving on the left side of the road on the right side of the car - and manual shifting!

This way to the stinky birds

There were SO many of them

I'm not sure this really captures it

I know it doesn't capture the stinkiness

They look blue

"Sawubona, kunjhani?"

The African penguin is also known as the Jackass penguin because they make similar sounds

These guys are molting too


This one looks like she's wearing a fur coat. Does she know fur is murder?

Pointing to the crashing waves spraying us

More molting penguins

They are kind of cute in a weird sort of way

Ha ha ha ha ha

This one's got a little poop on him

Yes, I take a lot of photos 

This one was walking by himself

 After I had my fill of the penguins, we went to check into Oceana Palms - a lovely luxury guest house.

We got the Honeymoon Suite - sweet! 

Our home for 5 nights

The view

So pretty and peaceful

Gordon's Bay is a small town - here's a shot of the pretty sunset

The next day on December 6, we woke up to this view and the news of Nelson Mandela's passing

The view in the evening - can you tell it is SUPER windy?

On December 7, we drove to Bloubergstrand to get a good view of Table Mountain.

Flags at half mast

Driving through the town of Strand

The scenery is pretty

Table Mountain from the highway

Another shot of Table Mountain

From Bloubergstrand

Tons of people kiteboarding

My favorite view of Table Mountain


What's more extreme are the people walking on the highway!

Yeah, on the highway

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