Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tanzania Part 4: Ngorongoro safari

On November 4, we got up early again for a morning safari of the Ngorongoro Crater (which covers 260 square kilometers or 100 square miles) before heading back to Arusha. I really enjoyed the safaris in both the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater - the photo opportunities were just amazing! Not as many warthogs in the crater but plenty of lions. The landscape was just as beautiful.

Good morning

View of the crater as we descend

And what animal do we first see? It's a little hard to tell but it's a warthog!

This still doesn't quite capture the endless land in front of us

Paul is impressed

Getting ready to find more animals!

Blue wildebeest

Lots of wildebeest

Pretty much as far as the eye can see...

We spotted a pride of lions (and a jackal) enjoying some morning buffalo

The lions allow the jackal to take a few bites here and there but don't ever allow the hyenas to get close

But the hyenas are always lurking about

Safari Paul searching for more animals

Kori Bustard

You can get a sense of the vastness of the crater with the kori bustard in the photo

Fastest land bird - can go as fast as 70km/hr (43mph) - I want to ride one...

His eye looks scary

Lone ostrich looking both ways before crossing the road

Hippos grazing in the distance

Black-backed jackal

Looks like a harmless puppy...

Lion on the prowl 

Mr. Lion was not happy with one of his females

Still on the prowl

We were hoping she was either going to mate with the male or kill something - neither happened

I think she heard something in the bushes

This is what it basically looks like when one vehicle spots an animal


Blue wildebeest

This lone wildebeest should really be careful

There were tons of them


Pelicans, hippos, impalas, and cranes

Just enjoying the sun


They all just follow each other - the line of them from this distance make them look like ants!

Here's a close up of the line of wildebeest where you can see the flamingoes in the background too

Kicking up dust!

We spotted more lions walking towards us

This is how close one of them got!

Another pair walking towards us

It was hot so they were walking quite slow

The female spotted some poop to sniff

And of course the first thing she does is roll around in it - wouldn't you?

"Ugh, not again, she always embarrasses me like this!"

That's how close we were!

Walking towards us...

So amazing

Buffalo skull

I was worried about this lone wildebeest

Paul is showcasing the wildebeest to his left

Zebra and two grey-crowned cranes

Zebras and wildebeest hanging out

Animals everywhere!

Hello hippo

He popped his head up long enough for me to snap a shot with his eyes and nose above the water

That was about the most activity I got out of this one

Bye Ngorongoro Crater...last shot of the zebras as we drive away


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