Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tanzania Part 3: Serengeti safari

On November 3 we got up super early for a sunrise safari in hopes of seeing predators like lions maybe make a kill - hey, it's the circle of life and we wanted to witness it. To my disappointment, we did not actually see lions attack a zebra but we did see the aftermath. Check out my sunrise safari photos.

Campsite at dawn

Love the colors of the sky when the sun is rising

Surprisingly, I slept pretty well in our tent

We headed out and right away, there were some zebras just grazing

The scenery didn't seem real!

Good morning baboons

Good morning warthogs

Just look at that flowing mullet

Warthogs grazing at sunrise

Yes, I have a slight obsession with these ugly pigs

Pretty sunrise

Marabou storks hanging out in a tree

White headed buffalo weaver

"Look at all those happy trees" - Bob Ross

We watched this pair for almost 30 minutes because there was a chance they were going to mate

When lions mate, they do so for days and will forgo eating during this marathon

This black-backed jackal was also interested in seeing if the lions were going to mate or not

He looked a little tired

They did not mate within our presence

So we moved on...and found all these hippos hanging out

The landscape was just beautiful

More hippos

More open land

Why hello there, zebra - I like that that one is looking right at me

Baby zebra with an adult

Dazzle of zebras

I also have an obsession with lone trees

Vulture on the top of the tree and zebras in the background

Not sure what this lion was up to but it looked like she was checking out the merchandise

It just goes on and on!

We spotted a leopard in the tree just hanging out


Found a cheetah too

I like this one because you can see its tongue

With zebras!

Close up


Yes, another lonely tree

We drove by a pride of lions

Taking a cat nap

They looked full - probably from eating earlier in the day

Lickin' her lips

Excited about warthogs

This one has one of the best flowing mullets I've seen since New Zealand

Impalas prancing across the road

I don't know why I like them so much

We then drove to where a different pride of lions were feasting on a zebra - can you see the blood on their faces?

This one is about to go into a food coma

Fellow zebras watching in shock

Here's the poor guy the lions killed

Just over the bridge was a crocodile too

Young impala

Good thing lions weren't close by

Baby warthogs!


Look at them following along

Female ostrich

Secretary bird from behind

Looks like a turkey...can't find our notes on what kind of bird this is!

Paul is tired after a long day of searching for animals

Bye bye Serengeti

On the way to our next campsite, we saw some giraffes


We passed by a village

Yay, tent is set up - I did not sleep well here

The view

The stars at night are big and bright


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