Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We made it to Australia

On February 23 we had a super early flight to Sydney from Auckland. We haven't had access to wifi but wanted to let everyone know that we made it. Staying at a hostel called Funk House in the Kings Cross neighborhood and boy, is it funky smelling. It's horrendous...thankfully heading to Cairns today (and the Great Barrier Reef).

More posts to come...


  1. Christine,

    I received your note after you left home but have been following your travel adventures and looking forward to each installment. Looks like you're having a super time and hitting some beautiful places. Also, your photography is professional - great composition, subject selection etc.

    Continue having a great time, stay safe and keep in touch.

    All Best,
    Frank Meade (Westside)

    1. Hi Frank! So good to hear from you and glad you received my note. We are really enjoying our time. Paul bought me a photography class before our trip since it's something I've always been interested in so I really appreciate the compliments... it's challenging for me to get the shots just the way I'd like but it's nice to hear you like the photos. Please do keep in touch. Take care of yourself, Christine


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