Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Te Anau and Milford Sound

After the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping, we wanted to take it easy at our next stop, Te Anau. So, on February 16 we booked a tour to Milford Sound. Along the way we got to see more sights (and got to take some naps). Our first stop was Mirror Lakes.

So clever

Reflection of the Earl Mountains

Check out how clear the water is!

After some tight and narrow roads, we made it to Milford Sound and boarded the boat for a cruise.

Milford Sound

It was pretty cold on the boat

We even got to see some New Zealand fur seals hanging out

We made it to the Tasman Sea

Heading back to the port

Stirling Falls - 146m drop; the second largest permanent waterfall in the Fiord

Lady Bowen Falls - the largest permanent waterfall in the Fiord with 160m drop

Saying goodbye to Milford Sound

We decided to take the bus driver's offer to pay a little (ok, a lot) extra to take a helicopter ride above the Milford Sound and land on the Donne Glacier on Mt. Tutoko (the largest glacier in the Fiordlands). It was a short ride but worth it!

Here we are in the heli!

A different and quite awesome view of the Milford Sound

Donne Glacier

Another great view of the glacier before we landed on it
On top of Donne Glacier - it was cold!
TC and Rick were nice enough to take a photo for us

We were only on the glacier for 5 minutes! 

Mt. Tutoko

Milford Sound surrounded by mountains

Our pilot dropped us off on the side of the road and the bus driver picked us up to head back to Te Anau. We stopped at a stream to get a drink.

While we waited for the bus driver, I set up the tripod

Paul bottling some water

So refreshing!

A closer view of the stream water

Once we got back to Te Anau, we headed to Lake Te Anau for a stroll and to find some dinner.

Lake Te Anau is the second largest lake in New Zealand (Lake Taupo is the largest)

Ready for dinner!

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