Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We drove to Dunedin on February 17 which took about 4 hours. Upon arrival, we checked into Hogwartz - yes, we stayed at a hostel named Hogwartz. After getting settled, we walked around town.

Nothing magical about this place except Santa Claus was sleeping next door to us

Getting our walk on...didn't know it'd be a 4 hour walk around town!
Dunedin Town Hall 
Supposedly the most photographed building in New Zealand - the Dunedin Railway Station

There is a NZ Sports Hall of Fame museum in the Railway Station that we thought (ok, hoped) was free...

It wasn't so Paul decided to ask the lady a question

Queens Gardens

I liked this building right by the Queens Gardens

Paul considering scaling the statue to give it a good punch but decided against it

The First Church of Otago

Love this door

A different angle of the church

Inside the First Church of Otago

We stopped by the Botanic Gardens for just a bit

Silver Falls Fern

Did you know that there is a Knox Church on Pitt Street? Maybe Brangelina's inspiration.

After a long day of walking, we had to walk up very steep steps to get back to Hogwartz


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