Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paul's Birthday

We haven't had any wifi so couldn't post but the dry spell is over - at least for the next 24 hours while I have internet access!

So, last Friday on February 1, New Zealand's insects got together and gave Paul 25 little gifts for his birthday. They must have missed the memo that he turned 36. We think they were spider bites but they also could have been sand fleas...Paul did lay in the sand before surfing down those sand dunes.

Itchy bites
After tending to his bites, we celebrated Paul's birthday by driving 5 hours to our next destination, Rotorua. By the time we got into town, we were exhausted - driving in New Zealand is very stressful since everyone wants to go super fast around only the curvy parts of the road. We also often see a lot of cars passing others with blind turns ahead.

Impatient drivers
We were lucky enough to stay in a lovely Bed & Breakfast called Sandi's B&B. The room, service, and hospitality were great. Sandi even offered to do our laundry! After getting cleaned up, we ventured into town to have a proper dinner for Paul's 36th Birthday celebration.

Paul is ready to eat meat!
Happy Birthday Paul! The best husband ever!


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad to see you guys having a good time!

  2. happy birthday, paul!!! john and I miss you two! your blog is great and keeps us updated with what you two are up to. looking forward to reading more and more! hugs to you both! -- nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Paul. We miss you guys too. Glad you are following us on our journey. I'll get Paul to post another entry in a couple weeks... : )


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