Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Closest Thing to Flying

I've always wanted to bungee jump and since we were in the adventure capital of the world, I felt it was appropriate to bungee jump from the world's first bungy (the New Zealanders spell it this way).

The two days we were in Queenstown, I kept asking Paul if he'd jump with me but he wasn't interested. Being the supportive husband that he is, he thought I should do it anyway if I really wanted to. So, after we checked out of our hostel on February 15, I inquired about my bungee options. I decided on the Kawarau Bridge Bungy - it was the most convenient and easiest for us to get to. I called ahead to secure an appointment because I thought I might chicken out if I didn't pay in advance.

When we got to the site, I immediately had to take a few deep breaths. I was excited and really scared at the same time. I checked in with the front desk and then watched all the other jumpers - of various ages and race. Each person jumped a little differently. Paul advised me to dive and make sure that my legs were locked so that I wouldn't snap back up.

All I could think about while the guy (I think his name was Adam) secured my legs and harness was how this was the closest to flying I would ever get and that I've always wanted to do this. When I asked Adam how I should jump, he said, "like Pocahontas...just dive in." So, that was my inspiration. After a few more deep breaths, I was ready.

Before the 142 feet jump

Free falling...!

It was so much fun...I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

 Check out the video of my jump here:


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