Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl Monday

With non stop activity over the last few days, we were pretty beat. Instead of heading to Waitomo Caves to see glowworms, we stayed in town to rest up and watch the Super Bowl.

It was a pretty gloomy day anyway so we figured we would save ourselves from freezing in a cave…we walked around town and Lake Taupo (New Zealand's largest fresh water lake) before we hit the one bar in town that broadcasted the game.

Lake Taupo
See, it was gloomy...

We watched the Super Bowl at The Pitch

It's too bad the Niners lost - most of the group we were watching the game with were rooting for the Niners. There was just one Baltimore fan...who was so knowledgeable about football that he got excited when the Ravens decided to go for it on 3rd and inches...

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