Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preparing for Departure

After a 3 week delay, we are finally leaving for Fiji tomorrow!
New backpacks - Mars for Paul and Venus for me!
With full packs, we did a trial 5-mile hike...
...along Crystal Springs Reservoir
It was nice spending extra time with my family and I'm glad I was able to help my sister be "Auntie Nanny"to my two nephews for a week. We had a lot of fun but boy, are they tiring!

A big thanks to my cousins Amy and John for allowing us to crash at their place for a whole month. We took over Lauryn's room (their 11-year old daughter) and were thankful for her bed...and that her room wasn't plastered with posters of boy bands (ok, Paul was disappointed).

Lots of gatherings to wish us well...

Sydney with Boots!
Kat Kat with Uncle Paul
With Junior High friends
With Amy, Lil and Anson (wish you were here, John!)
With Lil and Amy


  1. Was Paul roaring the whole hike? lol.

  2. LOL - only when I was taking pictures for too long.


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