Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coromandel Peninsula

Yesterday we spent the day driving to the Coromandel Peninsula - home of great beaches and most known for Cathedral Cove. It took 45 minutes each way to get to the cove but it was worth it! Another note to self - when Lonely Planet says it's a short walk, don't believe them. Always bring a pair of sneakers. Walking on dirt and gravel in flip flops is not a good idea!

At Hahei Beach - dueling seagulls...
Before starting our 45 minute hike
Hiking along the trail to Cathedral Cove

Rolling hills along the way - where are the hobbits already?!?
Paul enjoying the view
We made it to Cathedral Cove!
Crazy waves crashing down
In front of the cave
Paul looks tiny next to the entrance 
It's no big deal holding this thing up - Paul does it with one arm
View of Cathedral Cove
Beautiful view
Paul hiding...again


  1. Billy and Esther
    Did you find Gollum?

    1. Hi Bill and Esther! Not yet but we are planning to find some Hobbits soon...

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