Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mondriki and Yanuya Islands

Today we spent the day in Mondriki and Yanuya. Mondriki is the island famous for housing Tom Hanks and Wilson from the movie Cast Away and Yanuya is home to a Fijian village.

Along the way, we enjoyed the boat ride and saw a lot of other islands.

South Sea Island
Beachcomber Island
Arriving at Mana Island to transfer to the Seaspray
Aboard the Seaspray - a 63' schooner
Paul refused to do the Titanic pose
Mondriki Island
The sand was hot but Paul said he could get under his tree fort

The visit to the Fijian village of Yanuya was touristy but we really enjoyed it. We experienced another kava ceremony and since Paul was elected Chief of our group, he got to have more kava! The Fijians are so friendly, it's really hard not to want to support them so yes, we bought more souvenirs. 

Yanuya Village visit
Paul is elected our Chief! 
Paul leading us into the Kava Ceremony with the Yanuya Village Chief
Paul having more kava! 
Yanuya Village Chief
Locals selling their work
Fijian child posing for me - Bula! 
Visiting the school on the island
All the kids loved posing for us 
On Yanuya


  1. Gorgeous! What are you going to do with all the stuff you buy? I think you should try bartering, added fun!

  2. Beautiful! Those schools kid have personality!

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