Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Merry Christmas...
...and Happy New Year!
I know it's been awhile since my last post...We decided to delay our departure to Fiji (for a few reasons) until January 19th so we rang in 2013 here in California.

Paul's back wasn't in great shape before we left NY and it only got worse as we drove across the country. Seeing chiropractors in Chicago, Austin, and Denver helped a little but not enough. I also developed a cough before leaving NY (I suspect from all the dust in our apartment as we emptied it) and it was/is still lingering. We also got to spend a few hours in the ER on Christmas Eve...

We want to be 100% healthy before leaving the country so we are taking the time to do that. It's also been great to spend time with family and friends in the Bay Area.

With Janet and Jackie - friends for over 20 years now!
Merry Christmas! Shortly after this pic, I stabbed Paul with an Epi-Pen and we headed to the ER.
Paul had a severe allergic reaction to something...I watched A Christmas Story while he slept. 
Hanging with Jr. High friends and yes, Paul is feeling better and has an appointment with an allergist!
Play date - the kids are almost outnumbering us
Owen, Logan, and Branden - 2 out of 3 looking at the camera
Between both pics, I got all 3 looking at the camera...
Baby Wesley
Fire Chief Lily
My nephew Joshua poses for me


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