Sunday, June 16, 2013


On June 4 we flew to Vientiane and walked around the country's capital in a few hours. Here are some of the highlights from our walk...

We snapped a quick photo in front of the Victory Monument (Paxtuxai)

Presidential Palace - so fancy

"The line must be drawn HERE!" says the King Chao Anouvong statue

Locals walking along the Mekong River

Looking across the Mekong River towards Thailand

We didn't do our research and only realized when we arrived that all the things to do around Vientiane require more travel. So, we explored the city some more and tried to find food that Paul could eat. We liked Luang Prabang a lot more than Vientiane.

In front of That Dam Stupa

I wanted to get better photos of Patuxai so we walked back

The ceiling looked pretty cool

There's a fountain on the other side which made for a nice photo

We also went to the top to check out the views - Paul almost tripped running up the stairs

Here's the view from the top looking Northeast

Looking towards the Presidential Palace (southwest towards the Mekong)

Yup, another one of these shots

Nice blue skies the day we left - this is a shot of the Lao National Culture Hall

Bye bye Laos


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