Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (6/2-6/7) - Laos

Fish on a Hot Tin Roof

Sweet Mate...for the goodtime

Why does the woman look like a witch?

Well HELLOOOOO! said DonkeyBear

These boys were taking a page out of Paul Loria's handbook 


We visited a place called Utopia 

Electrical flower pot

Operator, please connect me to Mrs. Jones

That guy shooting the deer looks a lot like Paul

Life will be bright if we preserve forest life

Paul's pet peeve - cars parked on the sidewalk!

Dude's been sitting there for a long time

Why yes, that is sugar next to soy sauce - all the condiments required for breakfast

All he really needs is a white blousy shirt

Have you seen him?

This was a real exciting night club

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