Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

On May 26 we arrived in country #10, Cambodia. We spent 3 nights in Phnom Penh at a nice hotel called The Kabiki. The inclusive breakfast was one of the best we've had on the road (I will post them in the Meal Time page in the next couple of weeks).

Country #10

We had a nice dinner at an all organic restaurant called Naturae

Phnom Penh is a nice town but the major touristy thing to do is to learn about how the Khmer Rouge slaughtered and tortured approximately 2 million Cambodians by visiting the "killing fields" and the prison (Tuol Sleng, which is now a genocide museum). Paul and I read a lot about it and ran into a tuk-tuk driver who even showed us a pamphlet for Tuol Sleng where only 7 of about 20,000 people survived...we weren't interested in visiting a place about death so decided to walk around town instead.

Getting our walk started - no tuk-tuks for us!

In front of the Independence Monument

Here's a better shot of the Independence Monument

Paul checking out the royal display

Wat Phnom

Giant cobra made of bamboo in front of Wat Phnom - also a clock!

Historic Phnom Penh Post Office

Lucky Internet!

Wat Ounalam

Paul is proud to be an American!

Walking along Tonle Sap River

Royal Palace with a nasty group of pigeons guarding

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Dinner at The Kabiki

I'm excited to have some traditional Cambodian food

The next couple of days we relaxed and did more walking around...which is more work than you can imagine in about 100 degree weather with crazy humidity.

Monks with umbrellas (kind of like bananas in pajamas)

The National Museum

Entrance (no, we did not go in - Paul refuses to go inside any)

Walking by the Royal Palace

Street meat

Sugar cane


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