Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (4/14-4/20) - Thailand

I AM the law

This is how they pour a glass of wine!

The view from our room in Ko Lanta - nice reflections!

Mmmmmmm - coconut glory (coconut milk and pineapple juice)

We couldn't figure out what was considered "poisoning garbage" 

While at the Outrigger, we had a couple of storms

Trying out the hammock

It didn't fit Paul as well

This banana was awfully small

Turtle on the beach - Donatello, is that you? 

Meat/fruit stand on Ko Phi Phi

Paul often looks like this after walking in the heat and wonders why people stare

Party time comes to you

These musicians were blind and very talented!

Everyone is frozen while the Thai national anthem plays over the loud speaker at 6pm


  1. Great, a party! And portable, too.


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