Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ko Lanta

What can I say about Ko Lanta? I was looking forward to coming back here and we booked 2 nights at a place on the beach that had really great reviews on (what we've been using to make most of our reservations). But it was a big disappointment.

Our hotel was not here to pick us up like they promised
We have to pay extra to take a "taxi"

The service was terrible and the other guests were inconsiderate and loud. We had one meal there but after such bad service, we opted to eat at different locations along the beach. At least the scenery was nice.

This was our hotel beach bar - actually nice looking and service wasn't bad. The restaurant side was terrible!

Along the beach

Walking to a different restaurant

 Having one of our many meals at Otto's

At dusk - on our way to another restaurant on the beach

To top off our relaxing and "peaceful" time at the Peace Paradise Beach, the megaphone for the local mosque was right outside our hotel and practically right outside our door. This actually has become a theme for us - being right next to (or close enough to) the five times a day amplified prayers (Paul's favorite is the 5am). I think we failed to mention how it disturbed our sleep in Indonesia (Padang Bai, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan) and also in Penang, Malaysia. Paul hasn't slept in days at this point...between a couple of video-game freaks playing pong (remember the 80's Atari video game?) at maximum volume in the room/restaurant above us (Singapore), lit hallways shining into our room (Phuket Town), and springs sticking into our backs and rodent-like creature sounds in the room (Similan Island #4). Paul is looking quite tired these days but there is a small chance Cap'n is starting to take over.

Still smiling though! It could be the glass of wine we both had.

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