Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Shots of the Week (3/24-3/30)

A mix of shots from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

On Gili Trawangan there is Plucking Good Chicken!

It's hard to read but the sign says that ninja throwing stars are not allowed in Singapore

A colorful and crazy looking spider

At one of the many malls in Singapore, I found these toe dolls (if your toes are lonely)

I couldn't hear these Angry Birds over loud pigs in the background

Paul is petting the you hear him purring?

This couple had matching everything - including their glasses (only failed on their shorts) 

Pimp My Pedi-Cab: While in Melaka, this was the typical, recommended and expected mode of transportation 

Paul and Mr. Universe/Mr. Asia

Paul found a new way to abuse this statue

Riding the dragon

This monkey was looking through this KFC bag at the Batu Caves

I say I say...a HUGE rooster


  1. I am going to love the statue abuse coffee table book that will come from this trip.

    1. How did you know we were considering a coffee table book of these shots?

  2. Those bike/carriage rides look cool and I want to ride in one.

    1. You should ask your parents to bring you to Malaysia! But only if you wear that horse mask.

  3. Replies
    1. Too bad we didn't bring the rooster mask along. It would have been love at first sight.


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