Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ko Phi Phi

After our time in Ko Lanta, we were really looking forward to Ko Phi Phi but will admit were a little worried that we got suckered into another place that Trip Advisor and say is nice but really isn't. Since we set our expectations pretty low, it was pretty easy to exceed them - especially while staying at a resort. After about a hour ferry ride without air conditioning, we got on a long tail boat for the Outrigger.

Front of the long tail boat

Paul and Capt'n enjoying the ride

Arriving at the Outrigger
The lovely Outrigger

Welcome coconut/pineapple drink. Yummy!

They even let us check in early...and our bungalow was very nice.

Our home for 3 days

We spent our three days here finally getting some sleep and R&R. We treated ourselves to a nice dinner and the hotel really took care of us. We had contacted them about Paul's allergies ahead of time so the food & beverage manager had informed the staff. It was easy to order and there were no tomatoes anywhere!

Besides hanging by the pool and beach, we did manage to take a hike to a couple different places.

Boats along the beach

Panoramic view

Cool pool

Low tide

Another morning at the Outrigger

Lounging by the beach

Moving to another spot by the pool - convenient swim up bar in the pool...

Ahhhh....a hammock. This one couldn't fit us both. 

We took a hike around the grounds and found the tsunami victims memorial

Walking towards Loh Lana Bay

Loh Lana Bay

Butterflies along the way

Hotel staff cleaning up 

I like that you can see the reflection of the blue skies in this shot

We splurged on a BBQ dinner on our porch

They had even decorated with pretty flowers

At dusk on our last night

We checked out on Friday, April 19 and headed to Chiang Mai. It only took us 10 hours to get there...first a long tail boat from the Outrigger to Tonsai Bay. We had some time to kill around Tonsai Bay before getting on the ferry to Phuket so we did some shopping. Paul would refer to it as negotiating.

Long tail to Tonsai Pier

The water was really clear that day

Tonsai Pier

Walking around the pier area

Doing some shopping

More sight seeing

A beach on the other side of the pier

Getting ready to leave Ko Phi Phi

After a 2 hour ferry ride to Phuket...

Bye bye Phi Phi

Along the way, we saw more limestone cliffs

...there was another hour taxi ride from the pier to the airport. Then we waited another 2 hours before flying 2 hours to Chiang Mai. After being so lazy at the Outrigger, all the travel and effort made for a long day.

Phuket International Airport


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