Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Udaipur, Rajasthan

On October 4 we headed to Udaipur, the last city of our Rajasthan tour. Along the drive, we stopped at a marble Jain temple in Ranakpur known as the Shri Ranakpur Temple.

Some graffiti along the way

Monkey gang waiting to attack

I thought this monkey was going to jump on the car

I don't know, passing by bulls in the car just makes me laugh

Shri Ranakpur Temple is dedicated to Adinatha, the founder of Jainism

Side door of Ranakpur Temple

Close up of the door


Along the side of the temple there were huge hives!


Check out the inside of this temple!

We made it to the hotel before it got dark and stayed at a very nice (and relatively cheap) place called Jagat Niwas (recommended by our new Kiwi friend - thanks Andy!). Right on the water, we got to watch a couple of really nice sunsets and partake in some good food. Udaipur (known as the City of Lakes) was probably our favorite city because it was laid back and quiet.

Our first night in Udaipur

Paul is captivated by the view

The next day on October 5 we went to see the main attractions – a (roughly) 360 year old all marble temple that took 24 years to build (by Maharana Jagat Singh I in 1651) and the City Palace Museum.

Elephants flanking the entrance to Jagdish Temple


Looking down towards the street

Jagdish Temple

Locals praying

Walking around (to the left side for good luck!)

Top of the temple


Walking with our new friend (who shared some info about Jagdish) to see his art school

Student at the art school

Natural colors from stones

These are the stones they use for their paintings - and yes, we bought one - we felt bad and it was nice

After the art school, we headed to the City Palace Museum.

Paul surveying the city

Going towards the entrance of the palace/museum


Chetak was the favorite horse of Maharana Pratap

These are the glasses that Ben Kingsley wore for his role in Gandhi - I guess it's special since it's in a glass case!

Nice view

Cool windows

Lake Pichola

Trying to be artsy

Paul doesn't fit

Badi Mahal (Garden Palace) - the highest point in the Udaipur City Palace Museum

Paul waving to everyone

The view

A good shot of the city

Fun with mirrors

Paul looking impatient with me

Trying to be artsy again with my shots

Paul having trouble fitting through some of the doors

Kanch ki Burj

I liked this blue window inside Badi Chitrashali Chowk

I think this is a porcelain door

Another nice door with a lion doorknob

View of Lake Palace (Jag Niwas), a luxury hotel in Lake Pichola from Badi Chitrashali Chowk 

I liked this blue room - part of Badi Chitrashali Chowk

Mor Chowk (Peacock Courtyard); the Maharanas held special audiences and
dinners here

One of the five peacocks in Mor Chowk

Amazing mosaics

Another cool old door

Nice art on the way out

Leaving City Palace

On our way to the next place, we ran into some traffic

This camel looked a lot less mangy than the one we rode in Dunhuang, China - I wanted to pet it

Our last stop was a garden called Saheliyon-ki-Bari (Courtyard of the Maidens) where I got some nice shots of some fountains and butterflies. This garden was originally made for 48 young women attendants who accompanied the Queen as part of her dowry. This garden was used as a place for the royal ladies to relax.


Elephant fountain

There were four elephants for this fountain

What is he looking at? 



Looks like a face

In addition to doors, I have a slight obsession with butterflies

The wings look like a cat face to me...ow

Looks like eyes

Our last evening in Udaipur was picture perfect.

On the roof of our hotel

Jagat Niwas - this is our hotel

View from the top


Waiting for the sun to set


Locals hanging out and jumping in the water for an evening swim

Mustache Kitty enjoyed the view too

Really peaceful

A view of Lake Palace from our table

We were really lucky to have Gulab Singh as our driver from Delhi to Udaipur for 7 days. He's friendly, polite, and all around great guy...and most importantly, he's a safe driver. Gulab also suggested places to visit and some great places to eat - one of our favorite restaurants in Udaipur was Rajwada Bites. If you have the chance to travel to India and want to tour Rajasthan, you should contact Gulab - he will take care of you! Click here to check out his website or email him at gulabkazala2004@yahoo.co.in.

Paul and Gulab


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